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Manga Review #4 - Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign

On to the 4th Manga Review! The focus this time round is on Seraph of the End, a supernatural drama set in a world where everyone over the age of 13 is killed by an unknown virus; a horrific event which coincides with the sudden appearance of Vampires who swiftly dominate what is left of the dwindling human race, claiming them to be nothing more than livestock……Review Time! 647 more words


People Who Don't Watch Anime Are Losers

So I guess everyone who doesn’t find joy in watching a Japanese cartoons are losers? Seriously, this is one of the reasons why people hate weeaboos, or “otakus.” It’s because they get so upset if you don’t enjoy anime. 27 more words

Typical Weebs

Fashion Tile: Student of Kokoro Academy

Anime and cutesy things have flourished in the latest round of Genre as well as a new gacha event at On the Boardwalk, featuring an Otaku schoolgirl as my next LOTD… 82 more words

Second Life

My Anime Waifu

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not any kind of otaku in any definition of the word. I don’t submit reviews on myanimelist or moderate /r/anime or /a/, and I’ve never purchased any anime/manga related merchandise. 853 more words

Anime Memes

Personally, I can’t stand memes that relate to anime in such obvious ways that it appeals to weeaboos, or the secret “otaku” club. I mean, what’s the purpose of making these things that obviously aren’t funny or are totally untrue? 403 more words

Typical Weebs

Cosplay | Volume 2

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Fashion design is more familiar to most people, because of the high visibility of the great fashion designers such as Dior, Yves St Laurent and Chanel — yet costume design is a very different discipline – closer to psychology when understanding the society that it portrays. 445 more words


My thoughts: Parasyte

The human mind has always been something I’ve been fascinated about. The emotions that control us, the thoughts that linger in our head and haunt us although years have gone by. 707 more words