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Using NFS to Share Files on Asustor Between OS X and Linux

I choose to use Network File System aka NFS to share files between OS X and Linux because it’s much faster than Samba. But there is one more thing I need to handle: file and folder permissions. 644 more words


Controlling Box Sync with EventScripts II

Last time I described how Box Sync can be stopped and started when power is switched between mains and battery.

This really is not enough: consider what happens the power state changes while the computer is hibernated; the event will not be caught and the script will not be run. 624 more words


Trying New OS X Photos

Last night I finally got some time to play around a little bit with the new Photos application in OS X on my MacBook Pro. I just scratched the surface of it because that’s all the time I got with it in 30 minutes. 60 more words

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Text Aliasing in Custom Drawn OSX Status Bar Items

Its fairly straightforward for an OSX app to add a status bar item:

// -1: variable length
var statusBarItem = NSStatusBar.systemStatusBar().statusItemWithLength(-1)

As of OSX 10.10, most drawing modes have been “softly” deprecated, including custom views. 270 more words

AFNetworking software security 

A major security flaw pakhat a um mi cu Networking Software a si ih Apple App Store ih App 1000 hrawng hi himi flaw an hmu pekte ah cun himi malware in an cil ngah an tinan tucu update an tuah tam zet thlang. 420 more words


Fixing Adobe CCP's Broken Uninstallers

I wrote previously about Adobe Creative Cloud products and Munki.

It’s an ongoing struggle.

This week, I discovered a rather unfriendly issue with the process. 1,130 more words


OS X App Review - Tweak and Tuneup

I came across Tweak and Tuneup by Systweak Software earlier today the thought I would give it a try. It is currently available for free download from the… 147 more words