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Google Santa - OS X Whitelisting

Having experience with Windows whitelisting applications (Bit9 Parity in particular), I was interested when I found a Google mac operations team project called Santa. This is a tool that allows you to monitor and block application loads (with some known issues on what isn’t monitored: dynamic libraries loaded with dlopen, libraries on disk that have been replaced or libraries loaded using DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES). 333 more words


GNS3 Qemu and OSX Yosemite - Part 1

Yesterday was the day I started messing around with GNS3. I found the problem very quickly that I couldn’t run vIOS L2 on my Macbook Pro. 393 more words


Windows 10 reportedly runs faster on the new MacBook than OS X

If you’re a fan of the new MacBook’s design, but not a big fan of Apple’s OS X, you’ll be glad to know that according to a new report, the device runs Windows 10 faster than OS X. 172 more words


Installing VMWare Tools on a Netboot NBI

Netboot is great.  VMWare Fusion is great. Yosemite is….Netboot and VMWare are great. I use VMs to test things on our builds at work.  To get those VMs setup I use our imaging process that utilizes Netboot.   441 more words


Apple Releases New MacBook Pro and iMac.

Just weeks away from their annual WWDC Apple adds some new updates to it’s MacBook Pro and iMac. They add some subtle updates and some beefier specs, keeping their laptops as powerhouses for the creative professional on the go. 108 more words


A Review of Cultured Code's Things App

I’ve reviewed enough software to know over-hyped copy writing when I see it, so I was initially skeptical at the Things app’s claim to be “a delightful and easy to use task manager” (my italics). 1,368 more words