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Feel First Your Own Feeling - Osho

This morning you spoke of the need to be responsible, to not lean on others, to be alone.

I see I have been taking sannyas as an excuse to avoid these things – Asking you all the time what to do, calling on your presence when I am sad and lonely, imagining you are with me, filling all the emptiness. 1,617 more words


A zen story

A man walking in the night slipped and fell from a rocky path. Afraid he

would fall down thousands of feet, because he knew that just at the edge… 183 more words

A Little Bit Of Everything

Marriage is Neither The Target Nor The Goal

Unfortunately, neither the husband nor the wife understands the real cause of the tension, of the strife. They each think they have made the wrong match. 208 more words


Man Dies Homeless

Man is born homeless, and man remains his whole life homeless. Yes, he will make many houses into homes and he will get frustrated. And man dies homeless. 167 more words


Meditation is real spiritual alcohol!

A man who lives consciously is so drunk with the sheer joy of breathing, with the sheer joy of being, with the joy of the birds singing and the sun rising in the morning… he is so drunk with existence that he needs no other drug — alcohol, LSD, mescaline or marijuana. 3,336 more words


Tears, The Language of the Heart - Osho

“People ordinarily think tears come to the eyes when they are suffering, when there is pain… They have known only one side of the tears.”