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Tarot Tuesday: Harmony, The Outsider, Letting Go

What story have you been telling yourself lately? Is it an old one that you’ve been telling yourself since childhood?  Does it sound something like, … 162 more words


Jump cards

Earlier this week I was doing the card of the day and these guys fell out. This gave me an excellent chance to talk about jump cards. 297 more words

First post

Hey guys,

This is my first blog post on this site (not my first blog post ever! HA!) I wanted to take this moment to tell you what I plan on doing with this site/blog. 176 more words

Tarot Tuesday: Abundance, Going with the Flow, Understanding

Abundance is constantly knocking on your door.  Receiving it is an act of surrender.  You must be open and willing to release any expectations of what form you think abundance “should” take.   89 more words


Tarot Tuesday: Understanding, Maturity, Projections

Your foundation is solid and success is yours.  Any obstacles that you perceive right now are merely illusions created by your own mind.  Be careful not to let emotions cloud your vision.  37 more words


Tarot Tuesday: Exhaustion, Creativity, Consciousness

Spring has sprung and opportunities to engage with life’s creative force abound!  Although you may be tempted to say yes to every opportunity that comes your way, it may be wise to think twice.   84 more words


The Symmetry of Union

             We could take yesterday’s opening statement and apply it to our message for right now.  It would be entirely appropriate.  Because again/anew, we have seemingly opposing forces combining for cohesion. 348 more words