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Wisdom Wednesday: Healing

As a nurse, and as an individual whom deeply explores her own mind this has always been a very important concept to me. “Physician heal thyself”-Soren Dahl, I like to think of it more as “Healer heal thyself” mainly because of its very deep root in “Know thyself.” To be able to delve deep into ones self is to know where one is weak and where one needs to heal. 177 more words

Inner Voice

6 of Clouds - The Burden

When we carry a load of shoulds and shouldn’ts imposed on us by others, we become like this ragged, struggling figure trying to make his way uphill. 141 more words

Weekly Oracle Readings

Tarot Tuesday: Celebration, Turning In, Schizophrenia

This week is all about taking time for the things that feed your soul.  Whether you’re whooping it up with friends or just taking time to chill out, relax and refuel in solitude this “down time” is necessary, perhaps even overdue!   73 more words


Tarot Tuesday: Harmony, The Outsider, Letting Go

What story have you been telling yourself lately? Is it an old one that you’ve been telling yourself since childhood?  Does it sound something like, … 162 more words


Jump cards

Earlier this week I was doing the card of the day and these guys fell out. This gave me an excellent chance to talk about jump cards. 297 more words

First post

Hey guys,

This is my first blog post on this site (not my first blog post ever! HA!) I wanted to take this moment to tell you what I plan on doing with this site/blog. 176 more words

Tarot Tuesday: Abundance, Going with the Flow, Understanding

Abundance is constantly knocking on your door.  Receiving it is an act of surrender.  You must be open and willing to release any expectations of what form you think abundance “should” take.   89 more words