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OSB FTP Poller continuously throwing exception - while no file pending on FTP Location

We have been recently facing an issue with an OSB Proxy using FTP Protocol, where in we kept getting the errors on the logs even when we were not putting new files in. 1,513 more words

2015년 5월 3주 북미 Lumber & OSB 가격 상황

구조재 시장에서 판매는 상승하고 많은 품목에서 가격이 상승하였습니다. 몇몇 공장에서는 올해들어서 가장 좋은 한주를 보냈다고 하였습니다. 공장에서의 주문은 6월초에서 중반까지 이어졌습니다. 2차 유통에서 수요가 겁잡을수 없을 정도로 마노지는 않았지만 현장에서의 움직임은 현저하게 상승하였습니다.


Wood Texture Miscellanea | Bundle

Wood Texture Miscellanea | Bundle | Download

The bundle contains 5 items based on wood texture – different structures and colors of bamboo, fineline wood, wood knots, wooden lamellas and OSB. 13 more words

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SOA 12c–Creating ESS Job metadata (JDeveloper)

In the previous post, We have seen how to use EM Console to create the Job metadata. This did not provide the much information about development and deployment details of ESS application. 1,164 more words


Mobile Suite Service Bus REST and ADF BC SOAP by Andrejus Baranovskis

One of the key parts of Oracle Mobile Suite 12c offering is Service Bus product. This is logical choice – Service Bus allows to transform complex SOAP Web Service data into simplified REST format, preferred by mobile client. 214 more words


Timber Frame extension - part 2 - rear single storey

So, I had this good idea to build a single storey extension over a single weekend, “cant be done” they said….

Friday morning before I left for my day job: 99 more words

Timber Frame extension

This extension went from a pile of 140×38 CLS and 12mm OSB to a 2 storey extension ready for roof tiling in 7 days…..

narrow gap overcome for digging footings: 111 more words