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How do we know what true Christianity is?

or, Whose orthodoxy is the right one?

There’s been a lot of talk recently about whether Islamic State militants are truly Islamic. They of course claim to be the true representatives of Islam, but… 709 more words


Antioch and Jerusalem break communion

This is heartbreaking to hear. This is why I am Catholic. The role of the Bishop of Rome could have avoided this. When the primate can only suggest when appealed to and then be ignored then it is worthless. 370 more words

Eastern Catholic Church

NICHOLAS ... you are a Gem!


LONDON (AP) — He was just a 29-year-old clerk at the London Stock Exchange when he faced the challenge of his lifetime. Traveling with a friend to Czechoslovakia in 1938, as the drums of impending war echoed around Europe, Nicholas Winton was hit by a key realization. 1,083 more words


"The" Christian Church?

On 29 June 2015, The Independent reported a “historic meeting” which was alleged to be about to take place between Pope Francis and the head of the Russian Orthodox Church – apparently ” a significant step towards healing the 1,000-year-old rift between the Western and Eastern branches of Christianity.” 409 more words