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Stories and Spiritual Athletics

Stories are so powerful, particularly the stories of people who led exemplary or extraordinary lives. One of the uncounted things I love about Orthodoxy is it’s edifying and illustrated storytelling. 249 more words

Current Events

A Blessed Palm Sunday

To all my friends who follow the Western Christian tradition and calendar! Thus begins your Holy Week. May you be ever mindful of His sacrifice for us, His salvation, redemption and His love for us. 28 more words

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In support of our priests, our families and our Church

Along with many other Catholic bloggers, I am joining a move this Palm Sunday to ask those who are willing to support our priests. For those who think this is any way dissent or encouraging asperity, I would ask they read the splendid piece by Fr Lucie-Smith in the Catholic Herald… 288 more words


“Evolution is either an innocent scientific description of how certain earthly things came about; or, if it is anything more than this, it is an attack upon thought itself.

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Canonize Chesterton? Only if I can be there!

The other day, I read this fantastic rundown of Gilbert Keith Chesterton’s writing. I was reminded yet again why I love him so much–if Mark Twain and CS Lewis fell simultaneously into a hay-bailer, you’d get GK in a tight bundle. 785 more words


Standing steadily

When we were still baby, we couldn’t walk, we couldn’t even sit without leaning, we were still in our mother’s arms, or in a baby wagon, or in a bed. 1,160 more words


Safe Contraception

The secular world tells us that we can have sex whenever and with whomever we please, even outside of marriage, as long as we’re “safe,” and take the “necessary precautions” to prevent children, whether it be birth control, barrier contraceptives, or even abortion. 1,156 more words