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Citizen Kane: I'll provide the war

In the pantheon of great filmmaking, Citizen Kane is widely considered to be the benchmark upon which all other films are measured. At 119 minutes, it is neither the longest nor the shortest film in movie history, its chronicling of a newspaper magnet is hardly the most original idea ever conceived, and with 9 Oscar nominations it only won 1, for Best Original Screenplay. 663 more words

Citizen Kane

When Leonard Nimoy and Orson Welles Made a Deal - What Made them Rad to ME

I’m a big fan of Star Trek but when I say that I think I’m a but different from most. Deep Space 9 is by far my favorite iteration of Trek, a show that I think is simply superb, one of my favorites ever after a rocky start, what seems to be a shared ailment to the franchise’s series’ in general, and a quite unfortunate and rather silly series finale. 731 more words


CITIZEN KANE and the luring mystery of ROSEBUD

Orson Welles was a first time director when he made his debut with Citizen Kane in 1941. His film is  powerful not only because it remains as the most hyped movie for 74 years, ranking always on every critic’s top ten list, and considered to be the greatest movie ever made, and specially the most analyzed, over-analyzed and talked about movie but because it is a film that’s an essential textbook of film form and aesthetics, and because it carries the medium of film in its full potential. 895 more words


Paramount's Overnight Star: Veronica Lake

Paramount Picture’s official biography of its star Veronica Lake claims that she is one of the few stars who were truly an overnight success. Her supporting role in “I Wanted Wings” made her a star.   52 more words


Czech it out

Two things, dear reader(s).

1. Last night, my fella and I watched The Trial, Orson Welles’s version of the Franz Kafka novel.  It stars Anthony “Perfectkins” Perkins – a favorite of mine, as you may know – and so I was anticipating enjoying it. 343 more words


Director of Photography: Gregg Toland

Director: Orson Welles

Perfect Shots

Leonardo DiCaprio is turning in to Orson Welles

Photographic Evidence:

It’s not exactly a bad change…but it’s just a little unsettling. Mostly because it seems like Leo is experiencing a middle aged spread. 40 more words