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On the Shore [original]

{For lindahoyland‘s prompt: reconciliation, caring, brothers}

On the beach far below, a pair of boys ran whooping through the spume and spray, driving a cacophony of sea birds bursting into the air before them. 310 more words


Growing Dreams [poem]

{For marycatelli‘s prompt of “spring, courage, dreams”}

What spurs the weary pea sprout on?
Some longed-for sun brightness? The distant sky?
Such battles it must fight, deny… 50 more words


Shot Through The Heart

She’s here
I can smell her
The pillows need to be burned
The sheets a sail for my ship of fury
He touched her in the places he said he wouldn’t… 170 more words


He Said Not, She Said Not

He was there and I was here
The feeling I had was nothing
It was just a giddy feeling
Nothing real or fancy

But the thought… 14 more words



You make me question
the ins and outs
of the universe,
why am I here,
the human psyche,
the condition of my heart
and how close it is to breaking point. 46 more words


when it comes to me
i am invisible because i am gay
when it comes to a heterosexual couple
you congratulate your friend
how inclusive you are… 22 more words