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She’s a starlit beauty
With roses in her hair
Wearing an infectious smile
Kicking diamonds in the air
Her voice on the other line
Is a kiss right through the phone… 15 more words


The girl was an orphan, born to an insane mother and an unknown father. The mother had been mad since she blossomed into puberty, a budding rose whose bewitching beauty was not unlike a curse, and stayed mad still. 7,642 more words


I placed my arm around your ticklish side
(the left one)
and closed my eyes

I grew up on a brick road
which was horrible for roller skating… 47 more words


Reciprocating God’s Love and Celebrating Jewish History

Normal loving relationships require certain regular and sincere expressions. Parents need to do certain things for their children, and spouses also have their obligations, enshrined in both Torah and secular law. 637 more words


Risotto capesante e #fingerlime

Sono arrivate le prime ricette degli chef Italiani #fingerlime

Chef Luca Gagliardo della Rampina ha preparato un risotto leggero e gustoso con fumetto di ritagli di branzino e ridotto di capesante.

42 more words
Secret Food