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On Writing

I have lived a thousand lives
But none of them my own.
I don’t wish to be a writer
We are compelled to write.

The boy who loves language… 162 more words

My Writing

A Letter To Remind You Who You Are

Step back, get up son
Get back in the ring, you are not done
This is not the destiny you’ve been spun
You’re not leaving here lifeless… 372 more words

My Writing

When The Winds Blow

The Winds will never cease
For none can halt their passage,
They rumble without head
Unhearing cries from their baggage.

In joy they urge you onward; 64 more words

My Writing

The Infinite

How rare and beautiful is it to exist?
Stars died, left atoms to roam galaxies
Eternally searching for worthy cause.
They combined to create new wonders, 93 more words

My Writing

This Is Not Love

We do not love. We do not lie
As one in a world falling to
The cosmos of ourselves, by
Cover of darkness we run through… 170 more words

My Writing

Fifteenth Post: Writing Update

It’s amazing how one tiny little change to a character’s background can alter the dynamic of a story. Some of the time it ends up messing with the plot too much to allow the change to happen. 316 more words


Fourteenth Post: On The Back Burner

I always have more than one story to work on, but I’ve learned how to take most of them and put them on the back burner. 643 more words