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Chapter 17: Red Or Blue

It was all business. From the moment they said ‘hello’, all the way to the end of the main course. Everything was strictly professional, until dessert arrived. 949 more words

Jeyna Grace

Knitlock Part 2

John entered the large tent that was already filled with his closest friends and the extra farm hands that had been hired for the shearing. He glanced around before heading over to the large table that held a large smorgasbord for the group. 1,107 more words

Original Works

A Lifeless Rag Doll

A lifeless rag doll

I wake to the wetness between my thighs
The feeling stirs wonder ‘fore I open my eyes
I rethink the night trying to figure… 98 more words


Can't seem to...

Can’t seem to……

Mixed emotions like rough waved oceans
Churning my insides while sleep hides
Your sweater my headrest
your scent that I loved best… 51 more words


That spot

That spot!
I don’t know how you do it
But you find it every time
And baby when you hit it
I feel I’ve lost my mind… 128 more words


Good Vibrations

During the Empty Hearse. What if Molly had joined Sherlock for those chips?

BanimalQ – This is my second bad fanfic submission. I’m going to tell you the ending scene even though I haven’t gotten there yet because I got too sleepy. 4,431 more words

Original Works