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there’s a story behind every diamond ring
of an ill-begotten love that the blue jays sing
but since that’s not the story they tell you… 133 more words

Original Work

Double Original Friday - Microweather Forecasts

I wrote these poems to commemorate the at-long-last arrival of spring. Residing for the first time in my life in a place that has all four distinctive seasons, I have found myself fascinated by all the signs of their changing – both conventional and not. 10 more words



Neither land nor women are territories of conquest


Flash Fiction Challenge: X Meets Y

For today’s post, what follows after the jump is entirely original fiction. Please refer to the Creative Commons licensing and do not share, repost, quote, or excerpt without obtaining permission and providing appropriate attribution. 1,405 more words

Original Work

A Good Day – A Haiku

Today was a long day. It was really nice, though. Didn’t get quite as much done as I had hoped, but it felt very good spending some time again with people I really like. 104 more words


The Siege pt 6 (End of Chapter 1)

Just after the noon-meal, the attack commenced.  Great fires blazed up and the catapults launched huge stones and burning blocks of wood into the city, ladders hoisted against all sides of the wall, and the towers began to creep forward.  785 more words


War On .......

Speaking of war, We sprayed the weeds on the ground going to soybeans. Well Co-op did. I had flagged where I wanted them to stop spraying and had drawn up the maps they use to determine where each field is. 457 more words