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Biting the Bullet Part III

It was a long hard ride through the forests of Damen into the desert landscape of Parais. By the time Aleksis, Tania and Kane arrived at the famed Helix Arena, their throats were parched, their bodies exhausted from the rough journey, their faces were red from windburn and sunburn and they couldn’t seem to get the gritty feeling of sand out of their mouths. 1,997 more words

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How He Feels

No matter what he does
the pain just won’t go away.
He feels his chest bursting
from all the emotions stirring inside.
Like a big storm building up inside him… 221 more words

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Daily Writing Part 77. Story of Poems Part 29

Random words of the day: Holly. Medicine

Wow, it’s getting darker and darker in here… I was going to take a more comedic route at one point, but the tone seems to shift whenever I think I’ve made a decision on where to take it. 427 more words



Artwork and photography by Sarah Harte.

Copyright © 2015 Sarah Harte


Taurian Invasion 20: The Giant Killers

Sniper stood up slowly and said in a tired voice, “Alright everyone, we’ve have a freaking bad day. I want each of you to give me a status report on your squads this evening. 4,239 more words

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A Smile He Bought on Sale

He wears a smile he bought on sale.
Wields it as if it’s his own.
Traded his emotions like a purse of pennies.
He walks limping with an injured self confidence. 106 more words

Creative Writing

Project Realm. Sculpting the World, Part 27

Where the last entry was longer than expected this one is considerably shorter than usual. Especially in the flora and fauna department there was hardly anything to describe, but since Spearwall is in a constant state of warfare that’s not all that surprising. 372 more words