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The 2 PM Girl

I want to be with your
2 pm
When your world is at its busiest
When you have so many other
To worry over… 22 more words


A Poem a Day

To keep my mind running and the words flowing I like to spew a little word vomit and occasionally post the result. Quick writes and quick poems make for a bit of unrefined, yet fun, wordplay. 63 more words


Daily Writing Part 83, Story of Poems Part 35

Random words of the day: Prank. Sow
An early Artist’s Tale this week, to make up for the missed installment last Friday. It appears the Random Word Generator is not quite ready to call this chapter quits, so I guess I’ll just have to go with it. 544 more words


Another Bric In The Walmart

Aka Peak saturation. Down the drains.
It’s the plumbing, silly.

Brics or Cirbs? How about brick curbs. Also known as old world. China may have mixed more cement in the last decade than America did in the last century but that’s because we didn’t really get started on the cement until Ike ribboned the lower forty eight with Hitler’s highways. 321 more words

Strong & beautiful

Why are men so comfortable dictating a women’s actions, when they themselves are not man enough.
Tell me what you know about being a father? 139 more words


Litany of Lost Things: A Fairy Tale for the Other Woman

Prosecution, or: May the Proverbial “He” Now Take the Stand

We hate this woman. With her big nose and her old age.

(Our eyes grow sore at the thought of her!) 529 more words