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I lost my head and heart in the clouds
But I found my soul
Deep in the sea
There I was
No longer her
But simply

KH 2015



You were that restless feeling
Behind my eyes
When I tried to drift away
And fall into a soft sleep
Yet I felt that urge… 82 more words


Haunted Piccadilly: Part III

He had suggested a weekend in Dublin two weeks ago when they were strolling through Hyde Park, and they’d decided this would be the perfect weekend to go. 821 more words


Haunted Piccadilly: Part II

He was running late. Unfortunately he forgot to turn the alarm on last night when he was on his phone, he’d been too busy messing about instead. 777 more words


Short Story: The Dinner Party: Part IV

Emily saw her self in a brightly lit hallway, all white and shining lights, unable to place exactly where she was. Was this a dream? What had happened? 1,605 more words


Short Story: The Dinner Party: Part III

That sound, the echoing, was still going in Emily’s head, as she blinked over and over again, unable to focus her eyes. What was this information she had just been given? 1,686 more words