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Planter's Highway (G. Moray Original)

It is a cool November morning when Susan decides to begin heading back to her hometown in Maine. She has just closed out a hard divorce from her husband of eleven years and is taking her two daughters back home to start a new life. 2,384 more words

Flash Fiction


So, as it turns out, Rasla is not the only Blue House denizen to write poetry.  This was accidentally left in the kitchen, and while I know whose it is, I also know what prompted its creation. 146 more words

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Night Train to West End Junction (G. Moray Original)

Its 3 a.m., and I am here waiting for the night train to West End Junction. I’m alone tonight, no other lonely souls to accompany me on my trip. 522 more words

Flash Fiction

The Story of Lightwind

Not long ago, there lived a boy who could became one with the wind, ran with the wind, and even flew with it. He had an amazing gift, but as he did not know how to control it, he was feared by others. 3,516 more words


Early Arrival (G. Moray Original)

While walking through the woods one afternoon, I find the most beautiful garden. It is hidden, like a secret Eden, away from the eyes of the world. 1,038 more words

Flash Fiction

True Kase

I believe we have Coca-Cola to thank for this story. After all, if he hadn’t wanted the Coke then he wouldn’t have gone to the gas station, and if he hadn’t gone to the gas station then he wouldn’t have met the baby girl. 5,230 more words

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Dossier Drogue et Amnésie

Avait-ce été rêve ou réalité? Il y avait déjà deux jours que j’eus essayé de comprendre ce qui m’était arrivé dans les derniers temps. Ce samedi, quand je me fus levé, je me sentis étrangement réveillé, comme si je sortais d’un rêve extraordinairement long. 1,394 more words

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