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An Excerpt - Friday's Fiction

Anxiety. Fear. Confusion. Frustration. Uncertainty. Sickness.

How was I feeling? How was I supposed to feel? Is there a predetermined emotion, a default feeling that a person should have before certain events? 713 more words


Despicable Me

Photo Credit: Esire

S.E.X. They say it means nothing.

Just a temporary bliss.

A five minute trip.

Get it, got it, go.

But minutes turn into days… 272 more words


Shepherd's Pie (G. Moray Original)

I loved to cook with my granny and today she was showing me how to make her famous shepherd’s pie. I sat in the kitchen as I watched her prepare to make the dish. 789 more words

Flash Fiction

The Barn - Friday's Fiction

Frank stared out the kitchen window at the old barn, not really seeing it. He hoped if he ignored Susan’s question, it would eventually cease to exist. 1,257 more words


Candy Shop Chapter 20

Chapter 20

The next few days showed me a different side of Dywane Washington. The ever so confident EMT that was brave enough to rush into a club filled with armed thugs was worried. 4,413 more words


Cold Enough to Freeze Your Bones (G. Moray Original)

I chose the worst day to visit my grandfather at the cemetery. It is dreary and cold, frigid cold. I can still hear my grandfather say, “Cold enough to freeze your bones.” That’s what he would always say when the weather was this cold. 516 more words

Flash Fiction

The Pros of Being Invisible - Friday's Fiction

When asked what superpower people wish they had, so many say invisibility. This is because the gossips want to listen in on conversations, the fangirls want to sneak into concerts and backstage, and the creeps (you know, the peepers, panty-sniffers and stalkers) want to get as close as they can to the object of their desire. 933 more words