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Fancy Fine Arts

Fine arts are getting even finer at Cerritos College. With a new state of the art $45 million building to be unveiled January 2018.

Director of Physical Plants and Construction Services, David Moore states that upon completion this will simply be a “beautiful building.” 366 more words

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Coming back full circle

Michael Pfirmann is a 26 year old student at Cerritos College that found a passion through writing.

“Writing was always an escape to kind of zone out with my emotions and experiences, but it wasn’t my first choice,” Pfirmann said. 545 more words

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Children come first for Debra Ward and Co.

There is not a day that goes by at Cerritos College where you do not hear some sort of construction going on. In the grand scheme of things all of this ruckus that is being kept up would have been well worth it right? 674 more words

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Flash banged.                                                                                                                                                       “All right, let’s move.”

“Yes sir.” The three of us reply as one. We head toward the bank, mp5’s raised and aimed. At 1100 hours the police got a call that a bank’s security had been breached. 2,193 more words

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