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A Harry Cheesy Poem

I love you like Neville
loves his plants
I love you like Hermione
loves books

I love you more than Draco
loves his hair
or power… 74 more words



I’ve built walls, and torn them down.

I’ve torn walls down, but rebuilt them.

In the end, it becomes clear that the sheltered man is the safe man. 81 more words



Everything feels cold,
no pulse, no blood flows from me,
the world has ended.

Americana Injustica

Hell For Everyone

If heaven were the outside

And prison was hell

I’d be locked up for a lifetime

Rotting in my cell

I think that you would be the Warden… 91 more words



The eyelids of night close upon

A day wrapped with warmth

And echoes of children’s play

Inside the moons gleam

I lose myself with intention of sleep… 270 more words

Original Poetry


Porch swings in oak trees

Tall tales and memories

Syrupy sweet and dark

They have always left their mark

Voices rise and fall

Hands held through it all… 41 more words


The Heat of July

Billy walked to his death

and held his head high.

He knew no matter what Judge said

he never told no lie.

He never did shoot that boy, 242 more words