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Lynch Mob.

I walked back to the crowd of people waiting,
they watched my approach, expectantly –
mouths hung open from the truth they’d just seen – 126 more words

Americana Injustica

By Hand

Five years old, and sitting on a counter top
As my dad spread dough across a pan
Red sauce, white cheese, some beef, peppers and olives… 95 more words



The cries of an aching world

Whimpering shrills

Flow through the portal of my broken heart

I yearn to answer each one

Embracing outstretched arms… 60 more words


King of the Beasts

Oh, don’t get me wrong–
my kids are a great joy,
little treasures, my whole
reason for living.

But there are days
I fully understand… 6 more words

Original Poetry

4 Real (4 R.E.)

He bears the angry scars, the truest of tattoos
No fool suffered gladly to speak in any way vainly
A seer to sear through fakery, with all he’s made it through… 49 more words

Original Poetry

Rodney Road, Winter

Here the hills are marked as if by great cosmic knives, taking
Deep clean cuts, molding wedding cake of land, the blown out bits
Of the glacial wastes, at the ice’s edge, cold lover jilted, 221 more words



They cause to insinuate
Then cause to penetrate
In egg hunt
In egg hunt
Spur me
Come welling up
In egg hunt
In egg hunt… 48 more words

Original Poetry