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(Jazz) Note To Myself

All a musician can do is to get closer
to the sources of nature, and so feel
that he is in communion with the natural laws.
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Original Poetry

Original Poetry: Braided

Contrasting emotions
simply words
by themselves
a tangled lock of hair
of tears
combed through gently
of surreal elation
of longing
to define the nuance… 405 more words


Black Coffee

Every day at 7:15 she buys a coffee
No sugar or cream,
She drinks it black.
Just as life can’t be masked with artificial flavours, 510 more words


Poem for April 18 & 19

       To the Stars (an ekphrastic prose-poem)

“The bronze statue of the Kansa warrior, Ad Astra, was placed on top of the dome in 2002. […]. The warrior faces toward the North Star, a symbol of finding one’s way. 389 more words



Criticize me for
liking the old skool
but those fools
knew better than you
to leave a woman
because you can’t take
her giving
loving… 9 more words

Original Poetry

At First Glance

with no direction

So my life may seem,
at first glance

My course has brought me here
I could ask for no more


I Cry Tears...

I Cry Tears…

I cry tears for those gone & forgotten, for the injustices done to victims, survivors & loved ones…
I cry tears because humanity is no longer humane ~ we no longer treat others as we would have them treat us… 532 more words

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