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Quickie Capelet

How this pattern came together was trial and error. And while the pattern creation took several days, the actual knitting was 3 hours—total. A nice afternoon project with great results. 481 more words


Yup, he sketches every day

A lot of people don’t know this, but Karl and I have full time jobs. Our job involves passing a lot of digital files back and forth. 120 more words

Craft Fairs

Making a Fluffy, Feathered Dress, Part One

I’m really excited about this project! Not only is it a new project, it’s also the first dress in what will hopefully become a series. 1,506 more words

The Making Of

Making a 16th Century Kirtle, Part One

A couple weeks ago I posted about making a set of bodies, which are the first piece I needed for my 16th century ensemble. There are a few other undergarments required for this project (a bum pad, chemise, and farthingale) but I felt like writing about something more exciting: The kirtle bodice. 908 more words

The Making Of

SKY HI Drones

One of the fun things about having idk is we can try whatever we want. So when we learned about the popularity of drones, we thought “hey, we should have a drone t-shirt!” 206 more words

Craft Fairs

Christmas Angel Costume, Photos

I have some photos to post today! Finally the weather conditions were perfect for photographing my Christmas Angel costume. My dad and I went to a Christmas tree farm in December and photographed it, but it was so bright out (even on an overcast day) that you couldn’t tell the dress had lights in it! 195 more words


Fiber Artist Challenge

A few days ago I was asked to participate in a Facebook group challenge of 3 quilts each day for 5 days.  Each participant has to post 3 quilts that make them happy for 5 days.  77 more words

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