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Writing for Performance

What I learned about performing from Ivan Coyote:

Ryan and I attended the Wordfest Workshop: “Writing for Performance with Ivan Coyote” back in October 2014. Ivan is one of Ryan’s favourite performing artists, so as soon as we realized that Thomas King and Ivan Coyote would be in Banff Friday night and Saturday afternoon respectively, there was no discussion as to what we would be doing that weekend. 1,079 more words



The structured argument
struck the frame.
Blame rested squarely
on his shoulders.

The older he got,
the colder each day became,
and when he came, 66 more words



I will write them on the sand,
where waves will crash
and wipe them clean.

I will shout them on the mountains,
where echoes of sounds… 59 more words

My Poems

A Quiet Place

Le miroir de mon cœur
refèlte ce que vous etes.

Smashed glass. A piped scream
holds the fragment of light allotted us.

The blotted hills, studious. 79 more words


The Way We Came

The wise man appears
in the vacant night.
Brain steam calms the water
under light versus shadow.
What cocktails tell.
Baby, I can ring your bell. 91 more words


Final Draft

Here is my flaw.
The river arrests its flow.
My heart is a steeple,
and accidents are cheap.
By my name, I invoke
an answer. Days churn… 190 more words


The Spark

Slicing the lust fires,
breath over pavements,
the wires singing you
to broken sleep

All along the minutes,
the slice slice slice
and murmurs of fanatics. 102 more words