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Memorial Day

“We aren’t even there yet and I’m already starting to panic.”

It’s true. My hands are trembling at the steering wheel like someone in the beginning stages of hypothermia. 859 more words

Creative Writing

A Flood is to Come

Humming is our new M.O.
You know, since we have
to keep our mouths closed
and everything,
and the irritating tingle
somehow keeps us engaged. 79 more words


Happy Third Blog-a-versary to Us!

Today marks the date that three years ago Rudy, Speedy, and I started this here humble blog in search of the best barbecue out there. And… 94 more words


And So He Waits

The strife of becoming forms
a monstrous edifice that dominates
the image of the winter sky.
The reason why the image appears
blurry is that the pixels aren’t coordinated, 244 more words


The Privilege of Knowing

Unwashed hands cupping
broken bands of light,
the subtle interplay of color
against this swollen backdrop.

The blacktop extends farther
than the eyes can reach, 209 more words


Travelling Through the Stars

We live in a world surrounded by energies, positive and negative ones, one is very different from another, but they are part of the same spectrum. 449 more words