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[Animations] WIP - Blowkiss 1

For this animation, I added in-between frames from my previous animation.
As you can see, the movements are much more smoother than before.

I do have to say keeping some details consistent is still rather hard. 98 more words


[Animations] WIP Animation - Blowkiss Keyframes

After doing the Hadouken animation (which I still need to clean up), I went to start working on another one featuring a different character, Celeste… 156 more words


[Experimental] Hadouken Animation WIP

I’ve been rather busy with school, but I’ll show some WIP of an animation I’m doing for a project.

Here’s a rough animation of TOON TIMBO doing a hadouken. 226 more words


Published Artwork: "Alliance"

Artist: AmaSepia
Country/City: New Hampshire, USA
Artwork description: “Alliance” is a collection of my characters from my original WIP LOS: LEGEND OF SHINTARO (see my portfolio website). 30 more words

Published Artworks

T. Rubble

A friend commissioned me to draw his Nintendo Toadstool original character.

T. Rubble. What a cool guy!

Completed Works

[DPT] Gardening Tools

Found some time to make a new comic!
Timbo was forced out of the house to go shopping with his parents, so he finds ways to entertain himself. 186 more words


Smokey Frog

I don’t have much to say about this. I wanted to draw a very concerned froggy character in the style that might appear in a game by the creator Mortis Ghost.

Completed Works