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Doodle Challenge

Found an old doodle. I think I really am going to continue this comic.

P.S. If you have seen “Haliya and the Seven Deadly Sins”, then let me introduce to you the three person band that is Freed: Vylet on lead guitars and vocals, Darren the “Lost Prophet” on bass, and Duke on drums. 27 more words

[DPT] Getting a Job

A new comic that is still continuing with Timbo’s summer job story arc!
Timbo discusses his hardships of getting a job with Uncle Fredric.

I’m not even joking… But one of my uncles has told me that getting a job is like getting a girlfriend. 199 more words


[DPT] Decisions

This is a continuation from the last comic!
Read that one if you haven’t already!
Timbo is making decisions whether to push wheel or get a simple job! 96 more words


Chapter 20

Chapter 19Table of Contents | [read on Tumblr] |Audio

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479 more words

[Toons] Marker art trades

I went to go hang out with my buddy, Zoe Stanley, and we did some drawings together.
We did some marker art trades in which we drew each other’s characters! 62 more words


[DPT] Summer Time

It’s time for Timbo’s SUMMER BREAK and that means lots of FUN! Right?

Finally got the time to make a new COMIC! It felt like it’s been a while! 112 more words