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Flying Fists and Glasses

Anime Asylum has some narly fight scenes and all seems lost, but wait, what’s that up in the sky? Don’t miss the action at http://some-stories.com/anime-asylum

Where Vows Are Laid to Rest: More Story Development.

‘Where Vows Are Laid to Rest’ is an upcoming novel/novella about a young journalist exposing the truth behind his country’s ruling regime, and liberating a military force that’s been sent to its death. 295 more words


Where Vows Are Laid to Rest: Story Development, Feb 28th

Jeremiah Pena’s ‘Where Civilization Once Lay’ poured water on an idea. The idea was once titled Anarchy-now it’s ‘Where Vows Are Laid to Rest’. Military soldiers being called fodder, murderers and idiots are constantly watering this idea. 161 more words


[DPT] Glasses

Here’s a new comic!
Timbo and Cynthia are just at a store checking out glasses.

I pretty much screwed up just like Timbo some time during my high school days. 92 more words


Did someone call for a Hero

Today’s page has color, suspense, and ACTION!! See the League pounce in at http://some-stories.com/anime-asylum

Liani, Jedi Consular

Right, so, I really dig Star Wars, as some of you know.  (Hello, space Buddhists with a seriously intense relationship with the universal field?  Duh!)  So, I have been known to play Swtor in my immense amounts of spare time, and just enjoy indulging in Star Wars stories in general; be they book, movie or tv shows.   48 more words


Firefly Promises: Brothers at War.

Lennar Westshield endures his own battle during his brother Lennan’s deployment. With the two of them being twins, they share an intimate mental link. Lennar, while sleeping, during panic attacks or during unconsciousness, can see flashes of his brother on the battlefield. 251 more words