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[DPT] Summer Time

It’s time for Timbo’s SUMMER BREAK and that means lots of FUN! Right?

Finally got the time to make a new COMIC! It felt like it’s been a while! 112 more words


Memories of a Thief

Stain shares a part of his past! What events shaped the life of this young thief? Find out the answers at http://some-stories.com/anime-asylum

Cracking the Pages to the Past

You can’t judge a book by its cover as we begin to flip the pages of Stain’s broken heart. Read the drama at http://some-stories.com/anime-asylum

sci-fi shari

Shari is usually drawn in a fantasy setting, so i tried to give her a more sci-fi outfit…

Completed Works

[Sketches] Finals Week Sketch Dump

This semester is over for me after this week is DONE… BUT here’s a sketchdump of the things I drew during free time from Finals Week! 53 more words