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ALife: The New Umbrella Term For ALL Lives On The Earth

After weeks of ontology merging process, the existing stage of ontology engineering in A Blog shows that ALife (Artificial Life) could be a new umbrella term for all lives on the Earth.

Simple English

The Origin of Life - By Geoffrey Whitehead

If you want to go back to the ‘Big Bang’
That’s twelve thousand million long years,
While the dawning of life on our planet
Is four thousand mill. 508 more words


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I have an associate’s degree in science plus dozens of other college credits.

Creation Evolution Debate

The God of Small Things

Physicists working at the atomic or molecular scale are revolutionising industry with their ultra-small chips and mini-machines, but in a sense nanotechnology is nothing new. Nature got there first, and we are only just beginning to catch up 684 more words

Scientists Of Faith

A hot start to the origin of life?

DNA is synonymous with life, but where did it originate? One way to answer this question is to try to recreate the conditions that formed DNA’s molecular precursors. 593 more words


Chain of Life Firmed Up on Chemical Grounds

More of that “here’s how it happened” style evidence/explanation/chemistry re: panspermia.

Anyway…what someone figured out *this time* is that certain basic compounds, when exposed to various other compounds and/or heat/light combinations, create other compounds than allow for the basic coding of genetic information. 140 more words