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Atheists may end up believing in an eternal creator after all

There was no big bang that created the universe.

That’s not a Christian saying that either (although I agree with the statement on its surface). According to this proposed scientific theory, the universe is eternal! 39 more words


God on the Ropes

According to the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science, some brilliant new scientific research has demolished the Christian Right and the Creationists.

The Christian right’s obsessive hatred of Darwin is a wonder to behold, but it could someday be rivaled by the hatred of someone you’ve probably never even heard of.

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പരിണാമവും കണ്ണുകളുടെ വൈവിധ്യവും

കണ്ണ് എന്ന അവയവം പരിണാമത്തിലൂടെ ഉണ്ടായതാണ് എന്ന് വിശ്വസിക്കാന്‍ പലര്‍ക്കും പ്രയാസമാണ്. ഒരു ക്യാമറ പോലെ വളരെ യോജിച്ച ആകൃതിയും, പ്രകാശക്രമീകരണ  സംവിധാനങ്ങളും  ലെന്‍സും, സെന്‍സര്‍ പോലെ പ്രകാശ സംവേദനശേഷിയുള്ള കോശങ്ങളും എല്ലാം അടങ്ങിയ ഈ അവയവം ആരാണ്  രൂപകല്‍പന ചെയ്തത് ?

Origin Of Life

on the origin of life: ancient oceans

Scientists speculate that life on Earth first arose in warm alkaline springs deep beneath the ancient oceans, protected from the harsh, volatile surface above.

Taken from “First Life” by M. 21 more words


Life as We Know It: How did life begin?

To Many Questions, Too Few Answers

For years scientists have been trying to uncover the origins of life. Where did life begin? What did the world look like? 567 more words

Universes are forever

The universe has always been and always will be, according to quantum theory, says phys.org.  If this is true, then the creationist argument for complexity goes away, because if the universe has existed forever, then there certainly is ‘enough time’ for complex life systems such as DNA to evolve. 65 more words