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Chance or Necessity in the Origin of Life?

Was the living world destined to look the way we find it? Or to ask a question that’s closer to home, were our bodies meant to be the way they are? 1,293 more words

Scientists Of Faith

The Mormons

For me, preparing an application is an opportunity to practice some creative writing. Here, in my personal statement for the 2015 Josep Comas i Solà International Summer School in Astrobiology, my scientific background is bookended by a story that took place the prior weekend. 451 more words


Does peer-reviewed science support Bill Nye's attempt to prove materialism?

Casey Luskin looks at Nye’s new book “Undeniable”, which turns out to be very deniable, since it uses discredited science to support materialist philosophy.

Luskin writes: 599 more words


Finding Truth: The Study Guide Chapter 1 Question 1 Part 2

Origin of life:

Having begun to exist, and having the constants mentioned in the book and elsewhere, that means life’s origin and development are inevitable, right? 469 more words


Strained Arguments Against Atheists

Atheists are often challenged to answer questions like: “Why is there something rather than nothing?” “How did life begin?” “Where did the universe come from and when did it all begin?” These questions are asked because the actual answers are mostly “I don’t know and neither does anyone else” whereas the Theists all know that the answer is “Goddidit.” 697 more words

Class Warfare

2015 Westminster Conference on Science and Faith

Westminster Theological Seminary hosted their 6th annual conference on science and faith this past weekend, and I wanted to provide a brief review some of the sessions. 486 more words