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DIY Tutorial: Boredom Busters !

Hi ! Today i will show you how to make a Boredom Buster!

What’s a boredom buster ? Well , it’s just an origami fortune teller with some changes. 382 more words


Origami Stars on Canvas

I was planning (and still am) a large canvas project with all the paper flowers I’ve piled up. I made some mock up’s where I experimented with different composition ideas and took photos to show my other-half. 209 more words


Soul Mates for the Origami Event

Soul Mates is part of Origami this July, an event of Japanese culture!

Here are what’s in store for you! :)

What ya waiting for? Taxi!!! :)

Second Life

DIY Okinawa Beach Souvenir 

I love going to the beach and collecting seashells and sea glass. Lucky for me I live on Okinawa where there are a TON of beautiful beaches, so I have been fortunate in finding lots of “treasures.” The problem is what do I do with the BAGS of stuff I have found. 267 more words


Brace_Face Deleted His Website

I went on his website and it said the authors deleted this website


Flower pot origami

Dessert is something I can’t miss it after dishes or for Le goûter.

We can feel more convivial ambiance when there is a nice dessert and it is exciting to choose it if they are different!  156 more words



Is yearning the disconsolate sigh deep inside the crimson heart of the rosebud, heard only by the waiting butterfly? Is yearning the lone silver tendril that wraps around a reluctant sunbeam as fevered breath shivers in the arms of a winter night? 143 more words