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Strange Names and Old Cars (The Ballad of Hammerhead)

It wasn’t his birth name, of course–but wherever he picked it up, he never was able to put it down.

The Ballad of Hammerhead

The kings of downtown Crag… 384 more words


Joe Bruno's "Mobsters, Gangs, Crooks and Other Creeps" reviewed on Youtube

The first review of one of my books ever posted on Youtube.

If you know me personally, you know the answer why I sometimes write in street slang. 244 more words

Insider Tips From Idiots Yelling Out Of My Head

‘We the People of The World, know that you are not Xioliablue because we are your friends and family and you gave the name away to the famous one – and so we do know you nameless one and you are in fact a liar because you are married to Kent Washington for 15 years, don’t shoot people, and live in Burbank, California.’ 611 more words

Organized Crime

How Do You Title I'm Tired Of Repeating?

Open Letter

Hello Fake Laywers, apparently you really are that stupid.  Your Seattlite girlfriend and her finance on my case is getting me sore between the legs.  314 more words

Organized Crime

Her Majesty’s Canadian Ships Whitehorse and Nanaimo return Wednesday from deployment

Her Majesty’s Canadian Ships Whitehorse and Nanaimo will return Wednesday to Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt following their deployment in support of Operation CARIBBE, the Royal Canadian Navy announced in a news release. 37 more words

Defence Watch

Human Trafficking is Modern Slavery

Human trafficking is one of the biggest social problems that plagues humanity and it is also one of the least talked about. There is no country or culture that can be found across the globe that has not been affected by human trafficking. 184 more words



Human trafficking affects men, women, and children all over the world. The number one weapon in the fight against human trafficking is raising people’s awareness of the problem so I created this blog. 17 more words