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Industry Theft

Popular rumor is that I am no one or maybe a newbie.  The rock folks are adamant that my name is Xiolablue who I said before was an imposter while at the same time Perry Farrel is still gobbling up different spellings to Xiola Bleu, but none with money make any move – it’s not like I’m secret.  836 more words


The Dress Show Entry circa 2000-

A woman declares her relation to me (another woman) and in doing the government backing her is safe or members of it safe from the rest of it – I’m not sure how it went. 932 more words

Organized Crime

One More Dependent And I'm Going To...

A woman begins confessing everything she’s done to me because she knows she is the best and isn’t. She declares I’m named Tyla and attacks. She declares she isn’t British and then she learns to talk instead of repeat her mother or her school who repeated their mother – and teaches people to stop and learn to pronounce all over again as an adult. 1,722 more words

Organized Crime

The Beginning Case

The beginning case against me is brought by Martin Sheen.  My identity is removed and my rights as well because of some people who had my body. 1,167 more words

Organized Crime

Tired Of People Being Me

Last post mysterious vanishes with no auto save proof.  It’s 11:09AM Sunday, April 26th, 2015.  In the Spirit Dimension where I was rich – the new homosexual is at it immediately. 367 more words

Organized Crime

Going To War Against Wells Fargo, AGAIN! 2nd BK Adversary Coming

In bankruptcy, this is but one of the many forms you’ll use.  Fill them out carefully.


21.  Other contingent and unliquidated claims of every nature, including tax refunds, counterclaims of the debtor, and rights to setoff claims. 161 more words

Something new- an excerpt

This is from a novella I am currently working on. I last shared it with prose-lovers at the Sunday Salon in Kengeles-Lavington Green, Nairobi. Your feedback is most welcome. 720 more words