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Feeding the monkeys

One thing sure to get me down the road of insanity at light speed is the weekly menu aaarrgghh

i have been trying for what seems like forever to come up with some sort of master menu, the thing that will pull me out of a pit of darkness that falls upon me every thursday night/ friday morning. 195 more words

5 with ... Lisa Turnbull (Sana Wellness)

WIN WIN WIN – see details below on how you can win.

Tell us about you? 

My name is Lisa Turnbull I am a naturopath, psychotherapist, meditation teacher and women wellness specialist. 620 more words

Organised Chaos

How to || Organise your wardrobe - Roll it don't Fold it!

The one issue that I am sure is common to everyone, both ladies and gents, is how to organise your wardrobe in such a way that you can see EVERYTHING you own at the same time and also a way to organise them such that messing it up would take a ‘lil’ effort. 396 more words

D.I.Y. Rustic Copper Kitchen Rod

You guys, I love this project. It ticks so many of my boxes – cheap, easy, minimalist and copper.

Is copper really so important, 338 more words


Putting it all in place

One thing I like to do is organise. I don’t mean the tidying kind of organising (although sometimes I do wish I had this at an OCD standard and then my messy home would look like something from a magazine!) but I mean the sort or organising as in planning, researching, booking and generally spending money (mine or other people’s, I’m not fussy) 331 more words

The Order of Beauty

It’s safe to say that the concept of the ‘spring clean’ was entirely lost on me until this past Saturday, when I found myself utterly incapable of allowing another day pass without bringing some form of order to my hoards of beauty products…or as my Dad likes to refer to them, my “lotions and potions.” Much to my ever so patient boyfriend’s relief, we did a mad dash to IKEA where after a good hour scoping the floors, I came across the PERFECT set of compartmentalised draws. 144 more words


Things i Love ... The chair

I have seen these chairs around a number of times, and wondered who on earth would buy them, they look cool but so uncomfortable.

Then, I had the chance to sit in one.. 45 more words

Organised Chaos