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Summer of Streams; Essentials

You know it’s getting personal when clients shoot a text before I arrive for housesitting, “FYI: We’re out of creamer.”

Oregon Photos


So, I’ve finally brought this collection (thus far) of vert pics to my blog. As of late, most have made their way to my Instagram account (ShotOnLocation).  247 more words

Oregon Photos

Of Despair

Stairs of despair. For Dennis. “Great going down, beautiful. Climbing out, leave the 400mm on the trail side. Brutal.” 

I apologize for the shaky shot. I was shooting like a true tourist. 8 more words

Oregon Photos

Screening This Horizon

It was the embers setting their reflective blaze running across polaroid surface murky with burning of horizon, then adjusting with dusk. It was okay within my vision, and maybe it’s the language for this image.  

Oregon Photos

365 Days of Photography with Day Number 210 through 214…

Week Through The Birthday Bash 

Day 210…

Day 211…

Day 212…

Day 213…

Day 214…

Oregon Photos