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The myth of the interrupted life

I spent all day at the Apple Genius Bar because my phone sputtered a bit then died last night just before bed. I cradled it against my heart for a moment before shuffling to my laptop to make the appointment I hoped would cure it of its ills. 626 more words

Ordinary Time

Better answers to "What do you do?"

There have been a number of articles up lately about the question of “what do you do?” in polite society. I’m pleased that Elephant Journal… 32 more words

Ordinary Time

Angel-Lights in Transition

The liturgical and cultural transition into Ash Wednesday is, perhaps, my favourite.  It is the most stark and it is the quickest.  The full religious meaning permeates sharply into secular culture and it begins the culmination of the whole year toward the celebration of the Paschal Mystery during the Triduum. 220 more words

Ash Wednesday

6 sunday ordinary time

Diseases such as leprosy are definitely something to be concerned about, even today. A Similar disease, Ebola, has been in the news frequently over the past months. 860 more words

Ordinary Time

Be Made Clean

6th Sunday in Ordinary Time (February 15, 2015)

Lv 13:1-2, 44-46

Psalm 32

1 Cor 10:31-11:1

Mark 1:40-45

Leprosy has affected humanity for thousands of years. 1,380 more words


HOMILY: Daring to Approach Christ in Our Brokenness

Fr. Brian Zumbrum’s homilies and reflections are posted weekly at Leaven in the World. To see the archive of all his posts, just click here… 822 more words


“If you will, you can make me clean!”

In the time of Jesus, leprosy was just cause to banishing an individual to leper colonies, separating them from the rest of the community. Leprosy was a skin disease that made its victims unclean and therefore unfit to participate in liturgical celebrations, the center of the life of the community. 418 more words

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