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Updates from Victoria Marie

Hi everyone. Victoria Marie here.   I’ve just posted my new video.  If you are feeling overwhelmed and anxious, take heart.  You are not the only one!  88 more words


Don't Forget to Join Us on a Ghost Walk! Every Friday & Saturday!

NOTE: This Saturday’s Ghost Walk is canceled due to an investigation. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The Downtown Bradenton Ghost Walk will begin this Friday… 68 more words


Solar Eclipse ... Fresh LIGHT ..Orbs n Violas .. Vernal Equinox /Ostara

Rainbow light filled the morning of this Vernal Equinox / Ostara … the Cosmic celebrations were led by an 85% Solar Eclipse here in England  … an hour or so before the eclipse started @8.30am the air was thick with rainbow light … & the white light had this pure brilliance to it  … it was most beautiful …. 171 more words


Oh My!

A New Moon in Pisces, the Autumn Equinox and a total solar eclipse in the Northern Hemisphere……

So many articles are available on the web to read about this, ranging from the scientific explaining about the equinox and the solar eclipse to the metaphysical, which inspires introspection and examination of our psyche. 480 more words


Fog Two Ways

The ground’s finally thawing after our last heavy snow … which wasn’t too long after the first heavy ice/snow event.

The warming and yesterday’s rain resulted in a dense fog this morning. 93 more words