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Once I Ran To You.. Now I Run From You.

Good afternoon and everything! Another day is on the move towards another tomorrow, if we stay positive (; I’m getting ready for four hours of politeness but I’m not sure how it’ll go, it still hurts and I wonder if it ever gonna go away. 153 more words


I am wanted.  I am needed.  I am loved.

we tend to perceive our world and respond to it within certain constructs. Even within the extremes of pessimism and optimism there are variations in how we receive and disseminate information. 283 more words

How about another moment of truth.

My worlds shaky, but I’m  certain there’s a way.

-Positive Optimist.

The Smartest Decision I Ever Did So Far?

There are actually two: a.) Becoming a fan of the legendary Lea Salonga and b.) Make a change for myself which is, being optimistic to accept life’s challenges. 376 more words

Are you Feeling Guilty?

For years now I’ve been feeling guilty. I once did something I regret so much! Looking back today I see so many other things I could have done instead! 420 more words


Counting small blessings

Every day, i look intently at my girls’ faces as they interact with me, interact with each other, and do stuff. I take in their faces, expressions, moods and actions and remind myself that they are gifts to me, regardless how i feel about their father. 312 more words