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a bad day at sea is better than.....

They say, better a bad day at sea than a good day at school/work etc.

It was my daughter’s first time sailing a dinghy and we put her out on her own in an optimist – this brilliant sturdy bathtub of a boat is a little stable cocoon, keeping young sailors safe yet still travelling well when wind catches the sail. 375 more words

Reasons to have a gratitude journal

  • Keeps your focus on the right things
  • Fills you up with gratefulness
  • Reminds you of all you have been blessed with
  • When you know you are richly blessed, you feel amazing!
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Open the Gate... 

I’m a pessimist. Optimism isn’t my strong suit however I try to appear to be optimistic when dealing with friends who are having a tough time. 222 more words


A Cynic's Cycle. An Exercise in Exorcising.

I’m here to get some things out of my head and into a medium. Eventually when I get enough steam going I’ll probably get you a sneak peek from the books I’m painfully developing. 837 more words


dum spiro spero

Words have always been my strong suit, my favorite thing, my most prized possessions.
Some people had sports, others music, but words have always been what I’m… 628 more words

A Day In The Life

Be an Optimist

How do you see life?

We all have heard the story of the glass – half full or half empty? Both the answers are right. It depends on our perspective. 57 more words