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Why I Write

A few days after my 21st birthday, a friend and I were walking to a restaurant near Michigan State University. Being Michigan, it was still freezing outside at the end of March, but we were wearing dresses because one warm month a year is an abominably small amount of time to forsake sweatpants and boots. 423 more words

Personal Essay


One soul. Separated
torn with shameful thoughts
I don’t deserve anything
good, you lift me up
I feel like
Shareen. Not the labels
all lies. I studied to be something, 218 more words


The Seventh Side: Remembrance: A Remembrance

Dear beloved readers who have nothing better to do than fondly remember previous versions of this column,

Do you remember remembering? Wasn’t that great? Nostalgia was a thing popular so very long ago, and I’m starting to worry that today’s nostalgia just isn’t as good as it used to be. 580 more words

The Seventh Side

My book's inspirational poem

“If I were God I would summon the angels one night to let loose the disc of the sun in the firmness of darkness.  Out of anger I would tell the seven gardeners of the world to separate the moon from the branches of the night.  229 more words

Thought Provoking

#Series1 South African Xenophic Attacks.

By Karen Kawadza

Being comfortable is dangerous. In the times we live in as free-spirited youth comfort is not an option. Comfort only means that we have accepted our oppression or that we have chosen to be silent against the oppression of different groups. 563 more words

Turkish Government Censors Film about the Kurdistan Workers' Party at the IKSV Istanbul Film Festival

On April 12th, at the IKSV ISTANBUL FILM FESTIVAL the Turkish government censored a documentary about kurdish guerrilla PKK (The Kurdistan Workers’ Party). The film title is “Bakur”(Director: Çayan Demirel and Ertuğrul Mavioğlu) which is the kurdish word for “North”. 665 more words


Be a Voice

Oppression exists in so many forms. As I travel through this world through many different modes, I hope to share my knowledge and experience. Education can be one of the most valuable tools that any person who walks this earth can acquire. 277 more words