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Fighting For Food Justice

What do the words: anti-racism, oppression, food sovereignty, empowerment, and privilege have to do with food systems?

Everything. This week I was lucky to be part of a session for all employees at… 734 more words


Setting Boundaries

It’s been almost a year since I have been healed from depression, and though my vision has cleared, it has come to my attention that I have not fully stepped out of living in depression. 346 more words



My love is oppressive

I’m the hand of your neck that forces your head underwater

because I want you to drown in me


Poetry Break: "Raging Waters."

I, a lake serene and placid, belie a primal rage. 

To hell with the lush and verdant mountains that contain me!

Curse the talons of these gnarled old trees which hold fast my banks!  163 more words


The blessed and the lost will be separated based on one principle: the care of the oppressed. The end.  – Interrupted: When Jesus Wrecks Your Comfortable Life, Jen Hatmaker

Book Quotes

Transnational Love (3.16.15)

Dear World,

To all the bothers and sisters I have yet to meet,
I say hello; And I’m happy you’re reading this.
Transmitting hope from a small town in the United States where people here think little of love. 165 more words


Quote of the day

I am a writer, I write to cleanse my soul of what’s inside me that society oppresses. I don’t write for the critics or the readers. 34 more words

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