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Her Sorrow for a Moment

The Story of an Hour, by Kate Chopin, is a tragic tale of a young, sickly woman whom, at the news of her husband’s death, falls into a grim state of sorrow, then is quickly filled with the joyous wonderment of freedom. 860 more words

"Story Of An Hour"

Holler to All the Dark Skin Girls- You're Gorgeous.

For years now, India has been a prime instigator in the undervaluing of darker women when it comes to notions of beauty. From what I’ve understood, this inherent hierarchy is hardly unique to Indian culture however. 675 more words


We're Not Marching

Every once in a while I hear or see something that strikes a chord and lies heavy on my heart. Sometimes it’s a song or TV show, other times it’s a dream or a conversation with a friend. 591 more words

Day To Day

Why the Old Testament - Oppression

Two weeks ago, I introduced a series of blogs on the rationale for translating the Old Testament into the languages of Africa. As I stated in the introduction, there are a number of good reasons to translate the Old Testament. 1,101 more words

Bible Translation

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I see a lot of posts on social media about the Charleston shooter.


is one of them.

Some people who post things like this are the people who think my father and mother should be forgiven as they were mentally ill.  982 more words

3 points- Why Freedom is too much Work.

Freedom Costs

Ever hear that saying, “nothing in life is free?” Well it’s actually true. When someone offers you something for “free” it just means that someone else had to pay for it. 348 more words

Minimalistic Healthy Living Blog

Southwestern Virginia Mental Health Institute’s Attempt To Sterilize Me Against My Will in the 21st Century

Does anyone have any knowledge or insight into this issue from a personal, legal, or medical perspective? Does anyone know the current US or Virginia laws on this issue regarding psychiatrically diagnosed involuntary inpatient persons? 1,118 more words

Mental Health Advocacy