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Time For Action

Originally, I was going to post a short status on Facebook, but after doing some research I’ve learned some stuff, that I’ve known all along. 1,129 more words


STUDENTS HAVE YOUR SAY: Fundamentalism Within Religion

Politics in the Middle East is not a topic everybody takes an interest in. Since creating the blog I have realised a vast majority of teenagers have little knowledge on such an important and current news affair, which is effectively changing the world we live in. 390 more words

Appeal for Omar Khadr

An appeal from the mother of Omar Khadr.


Yesterday speaking with his mother, she appealed to me to ask others to pray for her son, Omar. 301 more words



hey guys,

For the most part I try not to post about my views on things and keep my writing pretty neutral, but since I feel such a strong uprising of hate towards a few things in the world, I’m going to go ahead And just let you in on some stuff. 242 more words

Teen Blogger

21 Beheadings: 'A Message Signed With Blood To The Nation Of The Cross'

ISIS is continuing to show utter brutality by leaking a video in which they behead 21 christian men on a beach in Libya.

The video is named ‘A Message Signed With Blood To The Nation Of The Cross’ as they leave the beach covered in their victims blood and dispose of the heads in the sea. 107 more words

A Letter To My Mom & I Hope She Doesn't Read It.

My mother asked me a question recently that I conveniently ignored. However, it’s been weighing on my mind for quite some days now.

She asked me why my sisters are straying from our beliefs and faith so much. 614 more words

Inner Demons