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They Don't Care About Us (Prison Version) (Michael Jackson's Vision)

This video was shown to me by my Constitutional Political Economy professor in class.

Fight And Die

Poetry Break: Requiem For The Woman Caged 

This place is black, but easily do I navigate it’s craggy stones and deep crevices.

Feed me frigid water and morsels bland. I will no longer object. 65 more words


How do you Identify yourself?

When so many women get married, it seems they lose their identities. Maybe this is by choice, or maybe it is the nature of the institution, but either way – it’s perpetuating oppression. 278 more words


2015 Year at a Glance [Aries] -Erasure poem-

Through identities, electrical storm — crusading around you, startled.

Pursue love, be playful, expressive.

For success: resistance from authorities increases determination or fury.
Sweat out oppressive people. 31 more words



Have you ever experienced the cold metal vice-like grip of The Man?

If you don’t think you have then guess what?

You’re dead wrong… 488 more words

Freedom or oppression?

Read Nehemiah 11

Focus on verse 1-2

I wonder how it would be received if the federal or state government made a law that required on out of every ten citizens that currently live in in the United States would be relocated to live in the nation’s Capitol. 314 more words

Daily Devotional