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Another day has gone by and I still adore him. I have no reason to but I do. In fact, what really provokes my anger is that I can praise him to heavens and still wish to cut his throat and push the blade deep and interestingly. 390 more words

Short Story


They say that whatever is destined will happen.

Whether I win or lose, whether there is happiness or pain … it is predestined.

But who is it that holds the pen that writes my destiny? 156 more words


The easy answer would simply be …it is just a part of living!  But that doesn’t settle or ease the feelings of despair or hopelessness that usually bring about this question. 357 more words

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words get in the way
of their own meaning, words turn
within their own skin
to mean the opposite — God
knows where they are taking us… 154 more words


Faith in these Times

Faith is the opposite of fear. Trust in God is what it means, and when we have faith, we can do all things through Love. 26 more words



let my bones vanish for me to fall,
and let time stop for it to resume.
forget everything to understand it all.
leave unwatered for it to bloom. 30 more words