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She's not who most of them think she is.

When it’s cold outside and she has nothing to share, nobody to love…

She act like she forgot. She wants to be appreciated for what she is, not to be blamed for what they think she is.  150 more words


May 01, 2015 : Untitled

You are a sweet summer child
And I am a winter soldier
Our togetherness is not possible.

You are innocent and soft but me, I am cold and harsh… 227 more words


The opposites

If two are going in opposite directions, their gap will gradually widen and they will never meet each other. The believer going to his SUCCESS, and the disbeliever to his FAILURE. 108 more words

Yin and Yang

Prompt: Write a dialogue scene between two very different individuals

Friedrich sat on a warm wooden bench, followed by his own animism. As skinny as he was, his scapulae scratched the worn out wood that made the entire park so disheartening and grey. 370 more words



I am attractive.
I am brave.
I am confident.
I am liked and admired.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Full Moon.”

25 more words
Blah Blah Blah -- 独り言

The New Me, or The Full Moon

It is the end of the year, or at least it is at work, and as a result we have our end of year reviews to do. 456 more words