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Sometimes opportunity presents itself as a nicely wrapped gift; other times, it is hard to see. Be on the lookout everyday for the opportunities that come your way!


Money Comes from Known and Unknown Sources--Mine & Yours

Money Comes from Known and Unknown Sources–Mine & Yours

Hello Dear Ones!
I have begun Level 4, Immersion 1 today. It is so affirming, and I am so excited to be moving “onward and upward” as Walt Whitman the famous 19th century American poet said. 319 more words



I am currently sitting in a hospital bed staring at the ceiling, with an IV in my arm counting down the hours until my MRI and electromyography. 862 more words

Medical School

Renderbit Technologies offering certifification and paid internships to students

Offering Work at home Internships to young experts.

  • Know your working skills
  • Learn to work as a team
  • Fine tune your skills
  • Work in real life commercial projects…
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Rejection? Or opportunity?

I would show my piece of art to my professor for her reviews, I thought. My friends appreciated my work. I was excited.

After pondering for a long time to take my decision, I got disappointed. 170 more words


Have the Courage to Encourage

“Courage is the ladder on which other virtues mount.”
A quote on the side of a local fire station that I passed on my bike ride Saturday. 173 more words


As we undergo growth, development, and change, we are constantly making decisions – choices that may influence the rest of our lives. As you embark down your path – career, spiritual, health, or otherwise – remember this brilliant piece of advice below. 90 more words

BE Motivated