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The Biggest Moments of Orange Is The New Black Season 3

by: Lynda Green

Season 3 of Orange Is The New Black quietly set itself apart from previous seasons. Piper technically is the focus, but seems less important as the story evens out across all the inmates. 805 more words


Slavery in the bible...

Recently, a flutter of passion ignited in ‘Merica, regarding the use of the Confederate flag on government buildings. There have been a handful of shooting where blacks were killed by whites, the whites proclaiming justification because blacks are lessor, should have kept slaves. 1,741 more words


I feel very sorry for Ellen Pao.

The witch hunt seems to be having a moment– just days ago, the Destiny community tore into Luke Smith for being sassy in an interview with a journalist over pricing issues surrounding The Taken King. 350 more words


E3 Reaction: Horizon Zero Dawn

Five years ago, on August 18th, 2010, Hermen Hulst (managing director of Guerrila Games) announced that the developers were working on a new IP. 177 more words


New Rihanna Video "Bitch Better Have My Money"

First of all, your money for what? this video sums up everything that is wrong with modern culture in my opinion. it combines every single type of frowned-upon behaviour by anybody over the age of 30 with the most talent-less human in a completely uninspiring “music” video. 525 more words

Bitch Better Have My Money

School's out!

School’s out!

After three months of endless tests, assignments, projects and papers, comes the short respite given to us by the institution: a ten day break where we get to rest our weary souls—only to be battered and bruised once more come the next term. 407 more words

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Is cheating a legitimate solution for word problems in examinations, or is it something that should cost a student’s passing grade?

In the grand scheme of things, any way of cheating during examinations should be penalized. 630 more words