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Star Wars Battlefront Revealed!

The Year of Star Wars kicked it up a notch yesterday with the release of the second trailer for the much anticipated new entry to the film franchise. 777 more words


Top comics for 4/8/15

Pretty average week as far as comic releases go. The DC Convergence event has begun, so I’m debating whether I should consider jumping into an event I am far from prepared for. 945 more words


I'm just not that into... dating!

I’m sure we’ve all been there.  You start seeing someone. You get on really well (so YOU think). You have things in common (so YOU think) You really like each other (so YOU think) . 480 more words


Reclaim Australia

There was a segment on The Project TV about the recent protests “Reclaim Australia”

As a non-Muslim, I had never felt that Muslims were taking over Australia. 821 more words


Top comics for 4/1/15

One comic — or in this case graphic novel — I’d like to mention here that didn’t make my list, is Avengers – Rage of Ultron. 1,104 more words


"College isn't for everyone."

“College isn’t for everyone.” We’ve all heard it before, and perhaps not thought much about it. Up until recently, I hadn’t thought much about it either. 995 more words


Why I have to hide who I am?

 I’m starting this blog to simply share my thoughts about whats happening in my life as an Iranian man, who lives in Europe, who faces discrimination all the time and I want this blog to be more of an informative medium for people rather than somewhere to nag about how sad life is and all.  533 more words