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I am but a shade and a shadow amongst a sea of unfamiliar faces. Nobody cares to know who I am, not even that angel they said was supposed to guard me. 356 more words


Top comics from 5/13/15

1. Thor #8

I can admit when I’m wrong, and boy was I wrong. I, like most people I’m sure, was positive that Agent Solomon was the new Thor. 759 more words


Novelistic Cinephile? Who knows

I guess at this point I should explain a little more about why I’ve chosen to watch a bunch of movies, and why my knowledge in the field is so sorely lacking, except for the rather obvious or classic. 346 more words


I’ve always believed you can tell a lot about someone by how they treat those who cant do anything for them. This person serves you no real future purpose and has to be nice to you no matter how you treat them, because their job depends on it. 338 more words


Lets Talk About Mental Health!

I know this post is quite late and quite long, but this week has been Mental Health Awareness month, so I felt like I wanted to make a post about this, because mental illnesses are real, and it is such an important topic, that we don’t speak enough about. 707 more words


Somehow I feel that time flies by too fast.

My life is carried on its wings, guided by a cruel gale that blows me ever onward. 855 more words

Literary Works

Part of the 40%?

Society has primed us to become believers of many illusory symbols throughout different stages in our lifetime: we’ve put fallen teeth under our pillows at night—we’ve eagerly laid awake in bed trying to hear a sleigh bell-driven thud on Christmas morning. 1,095 more words