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Obama is going Alinsky Rule 12 on Republicans

By Thomas Lifson

Although he doesn’t reference Saul Alinsky the Associated Press’s Jim Kuhhenn does notice a nasty turn in President Obama’s rhetoric:

With a tone of outrage and eye-rolling dismissiveness, President Barack Obama and his White House team are working out their aggressions on Republicans.

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Get To the Same Page

I am against animal cruelty, but I am also against being called monster for being a meat-eater.

The reason why I stated like so, is because certain community has been growing very subtly and yet has been very influential in this era. 788 more words


Society's Dementors of Confidence - and Being Taught to Shrink Ourselves!

Anyone remotely familiar with the Harry Potter series knows of the “Dementors”. They’re the only most terrifying aspect of the wizarding world because they just run around sucking out people’s souls for fun. 1,270 more words


Saturday 4/18/2015 ~ Gastroparesis Vs. Cancer ~ How Can You Compare?It

    What are the tolls (other than the obvious) that chronic illness takes on one’s life? It varies vastly from case to case and depends on the illness, the person, the support system, the treatment, the prognosis and so many other things.   1,024 more words


Are views actually everything?

Now let me just say that this is JUST my opinion and I’m not trying to tell anyone how to run their businesses or events. I obviously do not run a business or an event, so what do I really know? 714 more words


Magana's Trash Talk Hits New Low

Trash talk and combat sports go hand in hand, but it seems UFC straw weight Angela Magana has taken things to a whole new level of “low”. 69 more words



I found this tag  while I was stalking bbooksmart’s blog and thought it would be cool to do a book tag.

  1. Do you get sick while reading in the car?
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