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Hello world. What a beautifully, boring, slushy, grey-weather day it is. Yeah, I’m staying in today.. Yay, my interesting life.

So I haven’t been very productive today. 208 more words


You got owned!

Shareholders and owners of media, rejoice. You have sucked yet another person into narrow headed propaganda. You have in some cases taken away their right to think and have an opinion on the media content you are releasing and better yet, some don’t even know you are doing this, well done I say. 488 more words


"No one cares about your cause" - shared by Columbia Ghost

Columbia Ghost shared a worthwhile reading in the comment he/she sent; click here or on the above graphic to read it.


Fashion and Style ... overrated?

So, I am a complete nerd and newbie when it comes to make-up, fashion and everything contour and eyebrows… I am not ashamed to admit this… I’ve never been one for make-up and hello I work on a mine site as an apprentice, its hard enough to get guys to listen and value my opinion on anything.. 235 more words


Brock Lesnar’s Role In the WWE Needs To Change After WrestleMania

The entire wrestling community has been buzzing the last couple of days over Brock Lesnar’s decision to stay in the WWE. Most people believed that Brock would leave after WrestleMania but the truth is that going to UFC would have been a bad personal and business decision. 781 more words


Won't Retweet, Won't do Review Swaps, Won't "Vote Up" Reviews: Why I Don't Automatically Play Along with Many Writers' Groups Anymore

Won’t Retweet, Won’t do Review Swaps, Won’t “Vote Up” Reviews:
Why I Don’t Automatically Play Along with Many Writers’ Groups Anymore

As Holly Near sings in her iconic relationship-gone-sour song, “Started Out Fine,” it “started out fine; we were moving ahead.” … 952 more words