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Opinions: who has their own?

Have you ever wondered if what you thought came from you, or from someone else? Just yesterday I was looking up comedy videos of Amy Shumer on YouTube and I happened to come across an interview between her and Conan O’Brien. 558 more words

love one another

In light of the US Supreme Court’s ruling to make same-sex marriage a right, I am deciding not to iterate an elaborate opinion. Rather, we all, especially the opponents of this movement, need to remember a few things. 134 more words

Digital Art

Opinion: A Good Side to Same Sex Marriage

I saw this video in my Facebook news feed. I have been seeing rainbows and movements supporting same sex marriage…and bigotry thingy. However, there is something about this video that says something right but another that I would dare like to say something about. 560 more words

Just Experiences

My 3 Favorite Finance Experts

Well, there is definitely a lot of buzz around personal finance and investing and there are so many experts coming up with new strategies to save you money and help you get financial independence. 435 more words


What is love?

Those who love know the courage it takes … that love is full of pain as well as joy, but they would not live without it. 382 more words


The Numbers Game

What’s in a number? – A look at the Arsenal Squad Numbers by Daniel Ringis
There are rumours floating around that certain “hero kits” are not being printed at the Official Arsenal store. 1,253 more words


Scattered Thought #13 • Misery. Nothing but Misery.

Title credit: a line from Anthony Grooms’ short story “Flora Devine”.  You’ll hear a little more about that short story later in this post.

The latest controversy surrounding social media is all the hoopla about the Confederate flag being flown and represented and whether or not it represents racism.   3,100 more words