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I am not a Speaker

I don’t speak very well, but I can surely write.

What I mean by that is I may not use the most clear or concise words to articulate a well thought out sentence in person.   320 more words


Do we need to redefine 'terrorism'?

The continuing revelations about the Germanwings incident and the condition of the co-pilot allegedly responsible have amassed the attention of people around the world.

The airline industry has been a constant in my life. 896 more words



Yesterday, Sporting KC handed New York City FC their first home loss of the season, and actually, their first loss in all competitions.  This game had all the makings coming in of a loss, but I’m going to take a look and see what happened.   805 more words


10 Word Review - Predestination

Twisty. Cast. Time. Violin. Hawke. Story. Sci-fi. Entertaining. Predestined. yes.

In My Opinion

The Not-So-Philosoohical Ramblings Of An Imaginative Anarchist Transgender Teen: Vol. 3

I was just reading Stephen King’s It, which led to me watching the movie, which, of course, led me to have about a million pictures of Richard Thomas and Jonathan Brandis on my phone. 269 more words


10 Word Review - Are You Here

Subtle. Journey. Realization. Direction. Friendship. Family. Hometown. Purpose. Sweet. yes.

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