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FOI and Press Freedom

Ian Bourne worked for the traditional media and now runs the Bajan Reporter website. BU has respect for anyone who attempts to be an independent media practitioner in Barbados. 61 more words


Visibilidad lingüística y conflicto sexo-género

Artículo escrito originalmente con ocasión de la publicación del informe de la Real Academia Española  Sexismo lingüístico y visibilidad de la mujer, (Sexismo_linguistico_y_visibilidad_de_la_mujer.pdf), el cual abría un debate en el seno de las comunidades social y académica, que por otra parte se había hecho ya insoslayable. 2,767 more words


Ponderings - May 22, 2015


The word is said at the end of prayers. The word is bellowed out in a church meeting to affirm what was said by the speaker. 676 more words


සොක්‍රටීස් නොකියූ රහස! How to become a happy philosopher?

ලංකාවේ මා දන්නා දරුවෙකු අපොස සාපෙ විෂයයන් සියල්ල අසමත් කියා දැනගත් විට මට ඇතිවුණ හැඟීම සංකීර්ණ එකක්. ලෝකයේ තියන intergenerational poverty cycle කියන දේ අප දන්නවනේ. 6 more words


The case files of PI Pojo : The killing of Mr Heathcote

Having crossed the stage of adolescence a while ago, I don’t know when but just someday- somehow, over these past few years; I stopped reading books that were written for children in their pre- teens years or school years. 846 more words


On Skin-Picking

It seems silly to me to run a blog that prioritises skin-care without acknowledging what has had the biggest impact on my skin: picking and scratching. 718 more words



Now that I have a blog, I can release the nagging words in my head. But yes, I have to run out of ideas while I’m in front of my blog, pathetic. 20 more words