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Worrying political developments in Male'

Maldives is going through a phase of undemocratic gangsta-rule just when we need more democracy and more and fair treatment for the people. It seems we are taking huge leaps backward and the process is too strong to halt. 848 more words


TGH Game of the Year 2014: Game of the Year

It’s finally time to reveal our Game of the Year.

While 2014 might have felt a little flat to some people, there was still a whole bunch of great games that landed last year. 147 more words


TGH Game of the Year 2014: Most Broken

At last we arrive at the inescapable low point of our Game of the Year celebrations. The fug of negativity has been lingering, but now it’s time that it was dispelled as we reveal our winner of 2014’s Most Broken award. 6 more words


TGH Game of the Year 2014: Best Surprise

The Game of the Year train has arrived at Best Surprise Central! That’s my way of saying that we’re about to reveal the winner of 2014’s Best Surprise award. 19 more words


TGH Game of the Year 2014: Best Sounding

We’re over half way through our games of 2014. Next up, the winner of our award for last year’s Best Sounding.

And the winner is…

Full article.


TGH Game of the Year 2014: Best Looking

Let’s keep this GOTY train a-rolling, shall we?

From stylised wonders like Luftrausers and Heavy Bullets to technical achievements like Shadow of Mordor and Far Cry 4, 2014 was a year of well-finished visual treats. 22 more words