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Whoa! How Did I Get Here?

Recently, I posted the blog post entitled, “Never in My Plans” that spoke of my experience of working in a call center after graduating from college. 680 more words

Life Lessons

Opinion: Chelsea deserve more credit for their success

By Donal Lucey

The reaction to Chelsea’s 1-0 win over Manchester United on Sunday was puzzling to say the least. The backlash began before the final whistle had even sounded, with United and ‘neutral’ fans taking to social media to voice their outrage at the manner of Chelsea’s victory. 1,032 more words


Facebook is NOT my friend

Almost every morning Facebook lets me know that one or more of my Facebook friends has a birthday; people I went to high school with, people I worked with five years ago, people I’ve never liked but pretend to like, family, and even good friends will appear on my phone in the form of a notification: “Whatsherbucket’s birthday is today. 439 more words


Handwriting Hooliganism

Have you ever wondered what your handwriting says about you? I’m not sure what my handwriting says about my personality, but one thing is sure that my writing is linguistically challenged and ill-formed. 203 more words


Communication = Key

Communication is key. For every relationship; boss/worker, boyfriend/girlfriend, friends, co-workers… Everyone. When you can’t communicate with someone it’s absolutely impossible to get anything done.

I have been involved with someone who literally refused to communicate with me. 1,309 more words


10 Quick and Effective Ways to Drive Me Crazy

30 day writing challenge, Day 6: List 10 Pet Peeves

I am pretty sure that I have already written a post sort of like this, but in an effort to stick with the writing challenge and because I think I only listed five last time, I am going to do it again. 626 more words


Harper budget signals need for a new kind of public servant

Harper budget signals need for a new kind of public servant


Dear group of people who will become the next federal government of Canada, we the struggling class would like you to do something for the votes we are trustingly about to give you in our desperate attempt to sweep aside the current group. 122 more words