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How not to build a tribe

You don’t know the material.  RTFM.  I can’t talk to you until you’ve read these books, done this work, passed this test, worked on this open source project.   203 more words


So About That Whole Tech-Eating-Jobs Thing

The argument seems compelling, the logic inescapable. As hardware doubles its density every 18-24 months, courtesy of Moore’s Law, and as software eats the world… 878 more words


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"...The trend is obvious. Yes, the tech-eating-jobs argument still seems to hold logical water..." - original author

In Defense of 'Basic White Girl' Culture

There seems to be an unequivocal trend on social media of late involving ‘basic white girls’ and the activities/things they commonly enjoy. I’ve had a battle with my conscience for a while now about how I feel about this mocking of a subculture and whether or not I believe it truly holds up as a set of criterion specific to a particular race or gender. 581 more words


How should we respond to Greece?

When you think of Greece, what comes to mind? A feta and olive salad? Stunning coastal scenery and the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean Sea? A country knee-deep in economic crisis, with… 564 more words


Bakit Hinahanap ni Math ang Value ni x?

(Nerd talk alert. But I assure you na may sense naman itong post na ito. Sorry di ako ganong kagaling sa Filipino so just deal with it haha) 952 more words


Why I Will Not Apologize For Disliking A Gay Person

Before anyone gets their knickers in a twist, or contrastingly, before anyone decides to start shouting praises, let me say my piece. This is absolutely not what you think.  588 more words


Weight and Body Image

Having been overweight for a long time I have a certain negative opinion about how I look. Though I was reflection on my past and I wasn’t truly overweight until I was a Sophmore in high school. 391 more words