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Not Normal

After explaining a comment I had made on my sister-in-law’s Facebook post, my wife told me that I’m not normal. It bothered me, but I don’t know why it bothered me. 177 more words


Creativity, Soul, & Music--Song Number One.

Hey, folks!

It’s incredibly cold in these parts. Don’t get me wrong, I love winter, but I wish it would warm up just a little… 1,233 more words


Hipsters should be celebrated, not ostracized

The epidemic of the hipster is widely known but not very well understood, mostly due to the fact that the term is incredibly difficult to succinctly define. 522 more words


Guns And Violence: America Needs An Intervention

We’ve seen the issues of guns and gun violence become highly charged in this country. The debate over whether or not tighter regulations for purchasing guns are needed has brought out passions on both sides. 920 more words


Food Porn. Really !?

Do you want to know how many times I’ve heard this word today ? five times ,Within a matter of  few hours.

I believe it’s the new “it ” word on the block of food industry. 443 more words


But, I Didn't Call You Old!

“Oh how I just love Monday mornings” was my first internal thought of the day as I listened to Mrs. Smith whine about how she did not want to have two of her teeth removed. 990 more words

Life Lessons

Some People are Mossier than Others

If there is one thing I’ve learned in my short and slightly boring life, it’s that I really want to do a lot. Not for the reason of being able to do them, but for the reason of being able to say that I did them. 448 more words