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It's 2015, Why Don't We Have Colour TV Yet?

Depending on who you ask and which channel you’re watching, Australia is either a multicultural haven, or a bunch of racist bogans.

Call me optimistic, but I lean towards the former; according to the ABS, 26% of Australians were born overseas, 20% have at least one parent born overseas, 23% speak a language other than English at home, and multiculturalism is an… 793 more words

Emily Brouggy

Smashing the Body Shape Consensus of 21st Century Fashion

I cannot begin to explain the frustration of not being able to find clothes that fit you. As a girl who is only an inch away from being classified as a medical midget, dresses that look like sacks, jeans that trail along the floor and dangerously low cut necklines seem to be a given whenever I go shopping. 417 more words


The Witcher III - Say goodbye to your social life.

As everyone knows by now, The Witcher III is an undeniable success. If you haven’t got it yet, you’re probably in hospital or trapped in the wilderness. 164 more words


My Reply to Polly - Writing/Blogging Advice

Polly, over at https://pollypostill1989.wordpress.com/ asked little ‘ol me to check her out and offer any advice or tips. This was my reply to her. I decided that this is something that should be stated for everyone, so I cut and pasted it below. 1,027 more words



Consumers may very well think that by buying fresh seafood, they’re supporting local and sustainable industries. It may also be presumed that because the local fish and chip shop down the road displays a self-appointed sign saying, “Sustainable and organic seafood sold here!” then they must be legitimate, right? 744 more words


Uncomfortable Corners

Ok, let’s cough up some honesty here.

About 16 months ago I joined the Romance Writers Association (RWA) because it was prudent career strategy. Not only are connections made between writers, agents and publishers (a very good thing), membership provides you with some hip-pocket heft if you get into a rumble with an iffy publishing house. 158 more words


Voices: Why I will no longer watch '19 Kids and Counting'

Jill gushes about Derick. Jessa Lauren laughs at everything Ben says. Michelle calls Jim Bob her “wonderful husband.”

These are the moments that make up just about every episode of TLC’s… 563 more words