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Windows 10 #2 Quick update on OneDrive Sync Issues

So I think I’ve figured out some of the issue with Windows 10 synchronizing with OneDrive – its damnably slow. I deleted some stuff accidentally from my OneDrive over the weekend. 62 more words

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Erlang is a programming language used to build massively scalable soft real-time systems with requirements on high availability. It is named after the mathematician Agner Erlang. 131 more words


Fresh off its $80 million funding round, Cyanogen, the aggressive startup building an Android alternative to Google, inked a pact with Microsoft. Cyanogen will distribute Microsoft’s software suite, including Office, Skype and Bing search. 51 more words


Zorin Os the New Era of Linux

There is ton of Linux distribution, but this one it might be different from other Os and its look pretty simple and have similarity  on windows 7. 891 more words

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Microsoft's Dirty C++ Trick

If you’ve worked with Visual Studio lately you’ve no doubt seen the warning about a standard POSIX system call (strcmp(), etc.) being “deprecated”.

Based on what I’ve been able to discover in various QA forums and discussions around the ‘net, it appears the MS is basically trying to discourage people from writing cross-platform code, and doing it in a most disingenuous way. 912 more words


Compiling LuaXML for 64-bit Linux

This short post explains how to compile LuaXML for 64-bit Linux systems, particularly those running Ubuntu or anything related. The game I’m working on uses LuaXML but when I recently began development on a new laptop I found the library we were using no longer worked, as it was not compiled for 64-bit. 111 more words

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Microsoft turn 40

April 4 2015 marks the 40th anniversary of the inception of Microsoft, the biggest software maker in the world.
Forty years ago, the world’s largest maker of software was nothing more than a startup, founded by two college dropouts named Bill Gates and Paul Allen.
Today, that company,Read more…