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Wednesday Open Thread | Mariah Carey Week

Enjoying the tunes of Mariah Carey? I hope you are.

1997–2000: New image and independence, Butterfly, and Rainbow

With her following albums, Carey began to take more initiative and control with her music, and started infusing more genres into her work. 1,272 more words


Bibi Goes To Washington And Democrats Act Like Children *Open Thread*

At long last, after much wringing of hands, sniping, griping, and what amounts to toddler foot stomping, by too many Democrats, Prime Minister Benjamin will be speaking before a joint session of Congress. 1,023 more words

Open Thread

Tuesday Open Thread | Mariah Carey Week

More of Mariah Carey.

1993–96: Music Box, international breakthrough, and Daydream

During early 1993, Carey began working on her third studio album, Music Box. After Emotions failed to achieve the commercial heights of her debut album, Carey and Columbia came to the agreement that the next album would contain a more pop influenced sound, in order to appeal to a wider audience. 827 more words


Will Chicago Elect A New Mayor?

This past Tuesday delivered a shock to TPTB in Chicago: Mayor Rahm Emmanuel has been forced into a runoff.

His opponent is Jesus ‘Chuy’ Garcia, who, if elected, would become Chicago’s First Latino Mayor. 1,334 more words