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Poem - Time

time, the biggest fraction

constant, intense contraction

always, a distraction

oops, negative reaction

quick, issue a retraction!

refocus, don’t let extraction

succeed, in its action

Sao HollyWood và lời khuyên chọn trang phục dự tiệc cưới- Cẩm nang làm đẹp của chị em phụ nữ

Lựa chọn trang phục đi tiệc cưới phù hợp cho cô nàng duyên dáng.
Với những cô nàng đi dự tiệc cưới, việc chọn cho mình một chiếc đầm tham dự tiệc cưới phù hợp là điều không khó. 177 more words

The Awkward Movie Ticket

I know what you must be thinking. Gee, it sure has been awhile since Bekah’s had an awkward moment! Well, it really hasn’t been. I have them frequently, though many of them are with customers at work and I don’t think I should blog about that for legal reasons. 490 more words


sunday morning; 11am

we found ourselves here;

Brighton beach.

it was a glorious morning. no coat needed, sunglasses optional but recommended.

the perfect way to spend any morning. 25 more words