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Overview of Singleton and static class


Singleton class is used when we would like to have a single instance of a class throughout the application. The singleton class should be sealed so that no one can derive from it. 607 more words


2:38 am (Fire&Ice)

You put me out

I vaporize you

You push me to the edge

I keep you falling

We dance a delicate dance between our bodies as I hold you tight… 62 more words



Leviticus 4

Lessons for Living Today:

How do we hope God responds to our “oops?”  I think most of us hope that God knows our good intentions and overlooks our slip ups.  369 more words

I Am Assumed To Be An Adult

My Mother thinks I’m an adult.

For the record: I am 27 and I have a job and things of my own and all that jazz. 922 more words



So, I was just sitting here minding my own business and in walks Dr Hands himself. The man who not only discovered my breast cancer with those wonderful (and annoying) hands of his but has nursed me back to health after the removal of my breast and 1st ‘spa’ session. 97 more words

Real hills!

As my car was due for a service today I decided to go dressed ready for a run.  Either I’d take a run round their neighbourhood, if the service was only going to be a couple of hours, or I’d head home doing my run/walk pattern for the set distance and then walk the rest.  312 more words