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Picking Out the Seeds of "The Big Apple": "Lady Liberty" (The First Installment)

“She’s not going to make it. There’s nothing I or any doctor can do. Tonight might actually be her final night.” I gazed at the orange and red sunset eclipsing Lady Liberty, casting a silhouette of tranquility, freedom, and life. 3,022 more words


Why YOU Should Travel/Backpack While You're Young: "Misconceptions" & "How to Start"

Because you don’t want to be the old man from Edinburgh I met that was dying from regret of never seeing the world through young eyes. 1,977 more words


June 20, 2015: Damsel in Distress (Paris, France)

I’m coming to the end of my two week UK/Western Europe expedition and I can honestly say, it’s been one hell of a trip. I’m exhausted, mentally and physically. 3,047 more words


June 19, 2015: The Megabus/First Night in Paris (Paris, France)

6:05am – Hostel, London, England

BEEP! BEEP! BEE-Slap. I snooze my alarm clock. Give me twenty more minutes.

6:30am – Hostel, London, England

BEEP! BEE- 1,813 more words


June 9, 2015: The First Night in Dublin

As I gazed at the bunk above me, I realized that the rancid smell, bellowing snores, and the means of my overall discomfort stemmed from the overweight naked man in a black Speedo atop the bed. 1,149 more words


Parks: Las Palmas Park

It’s a hot summer day in Sunnyvale, California and you happen to find yourself stranded and lost in the midst of a stereotypical residential neighborhood. In this suburban labrynth, the houses and streets all begin to look the same, only confusing you more in conjunction with the heat of the Sun’s rays as your anxiety intertwines with the intensity of the weather. 288 more words


Parks & Trails: Mission Peak

Mt. Diablo and Mt. Tamalpais becoming too overrated these days? Drop by the East Bay and hike Mission Peak, a six mile trail from bottom to top with a gorgeous view of the entire San Francisco Bay Area at the summit. 353 more words