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Aurora Arc 05 ~A Little Wolf Inside a Girl~ 07

Time goes flying when you sleep most of the time, and thats what Aurora did all those months at the orphanage, its name? hahahaha. It was the perfect nest for her, she could forget about her mortal problems and lost herself in her dreams. 1,521 more words


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Where to Submit Short Stories: 25 Magazines and Websites That Want Your Work




Might as well be
virulence emanating amidst
Enfolding a broken spirit
With degenerative liquescent
          bones, hollow
equally poison diverts
Infecting all adjacent
Tornado of emotions… 41 more words


Aurora Arc 05 ~A Little Wolf Inside a Girl~ 06

Every little wolf has its day, even if its odd, confusing, complicated and retarded. Cute and pretty Aurora was walking on the sidewalk of a dusty park, some kids were playing with a crushed soda can that arrived at her feet, they asked her to kick it back, she did and found it fun, so she decided to join them. 1,102 more words


Aurora Arc 05 ~A Little Wolf Inside a Girl~ 05

If a tree falls in the forest but nobody is listening, does it make any sound? if Aurora was sleeping in a closet but nobody came near, if she stole food but nobody saw her, if she took a bath but nobody found her, did she make any sound? 877 more words