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The Start of the End

I’m trying,

to hold on.

I’m trying,

my best.

I’m trying,

to have the same love for life

my loved ones have for me.

But I don’t feel it, 115 more words

Storytelling Days 05 ~Normal Days~ ch 18

“Today is a special day, a day to be remembered, not for us to cry, nor to suffer, today we joy, and celebrate, this stone is little timmy, and this dance is for you” 1,072 more words


I've Said This Once and I'll Say It Again...Hopefully For The Last Time

People fucking annoy me. People generally. I can’t go one day without sighing or rolling my eyes. If I didn’t control myself,my eyes would be stuck in my eye sockets. 298 more words


never complain, never explain

It’s no secret that I am overwhelmed by life right now; struggling to roll with the punches. And I don’t know how much longer I can keep everything bottled in. 555 more words

Letters To Maria

Aurora 02 ~Lovely Father~ ch 01

I never chose to love you
It just happened on its own
I never wanted to look after you
Its just the way I am… 1,320 more words


Little Boy Lost – Luca Returns

Luca lent back against the wall of his old school, chewing gum. His dark hair slicked back and shades hiding his deep blue eyes. The worn leather jacket seemingly part of his body leaned against his muscled shoulders and the black denim jeans relaxed into his trainers.

486 more words
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