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Storytelling Days 06 ~Scrapbook~ ch 03

I remember that day so clearly, I never thought it was going to be so meaningful, I was thinking about the moment of the proposal, as I figured out the sense of my life, but also later, the big day, because I was very confident, though I was actually just avoiding some emotions, I was terribly scared after all! 554 more words


Storytelling Days 06 ~Scrapbook~ ch 02

What really is at the other end of the string? though you probably should think about yourself first.

Everything crumbles to what should be its original shape, yet it never reaches, it becomes something else, the days have gone, and went again. 842 more words


music monday: king

My senses have been flooded with sublime reminders of a distant land. A country separated by seas. Quaint, prismatic, humble and steeped with history. A landscape of cobblestone valleys and elevations of limestone and gothic grandeur. 201 more words

Letters To Maria


The hint of chocolate inside a kiss
A dark bittersweet of our loving tryst
That lulls the sensuous soul to its ease
While my lips write poetry on your skin… 92 more words


A Life No Longer


Sufferings Concluded

Happiness Swaths Today


Storytelling Days 06 ~Scrapbook~ ch 01

I dont talk about it, its not like I want to talk about it, whats the point anyway?

Multiple Personalities???
“I’ve seen it in the movies, but what is it?” 704 more words


"I told you I would"~Bryan, Taken

Whenever a particular issue is praying on my mind I find it very useful to make a story about it or express it in some form of writing. 318 more words