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Working with the Internal Flipped Classroom

In middle and high school, I remember saying how much school was while I had play stations from Kindergarten through second grade. Of course, standards changed, and students in all grades… 565 more words

Online Writing - Research

Flipped Classrooms: Just a Fad?

Research Post

In my weekly research posts, I have presented different perspectives of the flipped classrooms. It is the subject of my annotated bibliography due at the end of the semester. 754 more words

Online Writing - Research

Great Article Detailing What You Need to Know about Flipped Classrooms

Some students in WRIT 510 at Winthrop are researching Flipped Classrooms. We research the topic out of interest, for future use, or for the annotated bibliography. 639 more words

Online Writing - Research

New Flipped Tools for Students with Disabilities and Limited Access to Technology

“Tools we would have historically called ‘assistive technology’ are now available on iTunes.” ~ Patricia Wright

When considering flipped classrooms, there are a few functions or items not clarified.  807 more words

Online Writing - Research

High School Teacher Confesses Fears, Finds Solutions

Research Post, Week 4

High school teacher, Stephanie Imig, who teaches at Connections Academy in Oregon, writes an insightful, introspective essay about doubts and successes of teaching writing online. 754 more words

Online Writing - Research

Behind the Whiteboards: Online Teacher Experience (Week 3)

I had to know.

You know?

I really had to know what K-12 online teachers’ experiences were after reading Scott Warnock’s chapters 5 and 6. After reading about organizing material for college distance learners, I… 717 more words

Online Writing - Research

Can Twitter Expand as a Classroom Tool? (Week 2)

You have 140 characters. Think about what you want to say.

Take your time. You’re in front of a camera and about to “go live,” but when those 140 characters are… 522 more words

Online Writing - Research