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OKBye Story #6: She's Just Not That Into You

I think I was on a dating spree at this point. I was responding to any guy who

Online Dating

Zero to D*** Pic in 15 minutes

I caught up with Ms S for lunch last week and after updating her on my recent dates, she told me about her friend who is also busy perusing the delightful men on Tinder and how their profiles can be quite ummm….surprising. 400 more words


Blurry Dates: Architecture 101

Hi I’m Sue. When I’m not working, leading volunteer projects, at the gym/pool, or hanging out with my friends or Fraternity Brothers, I meet strangers on dating sites and go on “blind dates”, or as I like to call them “dates without glasses” since technically I know what the guy looks like and have had a least one conversation with him. 564 more words

Unordered List

Size Matters / Mr. Canadian (update)

If shallowness is a condition, then I was born with it.  I have always made the mistake of employing a base-layer filter that involves looks / height.   405 more words

Silver Tongued Devil

Remember the guy that I went out with a few weeks ago and had a ‘meh’ time with?  The one that I kept making excuses not to see again and ‘forgot’ to respond to several text messages that he sent?  93 more words


Four Hour Lunch

I had a lunch date today… he actually wanted to take me to dinner, but lunch was what we could fit into our schedules. Unlike most of the men that I have met lately, he has a good job, a house, and several cars. 157 more words

Online Dating Part 2

Hello again!

This is rant number 2 about online dating, because I have finally experienced something I find rather odd. I am aware that these gay and lesbian dating sites is a bit of a hub for people who are different, but my question is how different can you be and lgbt dating sites still be the fit for you? 205 more words

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