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As I previously mentioned, I’m single. Like, painfully single. Never had a relationship for more than a handful of months single. And it sucks.

I’m going to try to avoid making this blog too whiny, but honestly my (utter lack of) romantic luck has long been a sore spot. 496 more words


The Way Things Go.

And everyone’s competing for a love they won’t receive/’Cause what this palace wants is release.” – Lorde

Yesterday turned out to be an entirely unplanned Sunday Funday, which resulted in a lot of drinking (read: Bloody Marys with breakfast, a liquid lunch, a stop at my house where there was whiskey, dinner where there was beer, and then a cider-nightcap). 613 more words


Growing as I Go

What is going on with the weather? Gosh! Do not watch Unfriended. It was ungood. Awful in fact. So horrendous that when I die I will come back and kill all the people involved in bringing that movie to the big screen. 952 more words

Oh God...Tinder.

One Friday night, with nothing on television and an extreme case of boredom I had the bright idea and misfortune of using Tinder. I always hated the idea of Tinder, but my friend always told me to try it. 403 more words


Facebook: The new online dating platform

Have you ever poked someone on Facebook? Why did you poke this person?

Facebook today has become a site for people to meet potential lovers. Facebook has designed its profile to act as an online dating site without us even realizing it. 819 more words

That Moment After a First Date When You Realize He Only Said "Let's Do This Again" To Be Polite

Except instead of a home-cooked meal on the table, it’s take-out chinese on the table. And instead of two glasses on the table, it’s one glass on the table. 37 more words

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Online dating. You’ve either tried it or you’ve tried it and are lying about trying it.

I’ve only ever done online dating via tinder… Because I felt like it wasn’t actually a dating site, but let’s be honest, it totally is. 575 more words