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Compassion For Others But Not Oneself

Today in counseling I could see the innocence of victims but cannot apply it to myself. I was saying it was a choice (incest long term) and the counselor was trying to get me to understand that the compassion towards the victims I know, who are teens, should apply to myself and that it s compassion and help I never had. 11 more words

Monday, 23rd March 2015

Let oneself go, v.

Pronunciation: /lɛt wʌnˈsɛlf ɡəʊ/
Etymology: let v. + oneself pron. + go v.

1. To give free vent to one’s enthusiasm.
2. To let oneself come.


forest mountain soul repatch

when in the forest one forgets self importance

-the raven is a keen observer of the human

to fine oneself is to lose oneself

Thank you.

Hoorah! JPNY by Jeffrey Rogador Turns 1Yr!

Each year we turn out to be someone new, someone better. Black, white, whatever it may be, it is always worth celebrating – we are our own greatest hit.

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“No need to hurry.No need to sparkle.No need to be anybody but oneself.”-Virginia Woolf.