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Is It Okay To Feel Sad For Oneself???

I realize that may seem like a dumb question, but I really don t know if it is okay or if it is the same as self-pity. 87 more words

The Beginning

“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance” – Oscar Wilde


14 February

St Valentine’s Day. A day of high profit for florists, chocolate makers and purveyors of cards with hearts all over them. A day of misery for every young teenager who doesn’t get a card, even one from their Mum or Dad. 170 more words

Day Book

Lose Oneself

I sit with no thoughts

this happens by all sorts

a vacuum in the mind

nothing in a kind

I search all the way

nothing strikes me today… 60 more words


One night when the darkness rise

One night when the darkness rise,
number of problems caught my life.
Making me bent on my knees,
by showing no result of my deeds. 142 more words

Abhishek Chandel

Shopping - One's Company?

Whenever I go into town by myself I find that I am able to take my time in doing whatever it is I’m doing. Usually I’ll stop for a hot chocolate or to cuddle at the tiny kittens in the pet store while I’m doing my errands and buying the things I originally came to get. 554 more words


All for one is a gift to ‘One’,
And one for all is a trust to ‘All’.

To enjoy the gift form ‘ALL’,
‘One’ has to gift trust to all.
58 more words

Abhishek Chandel