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captured in time

Timing when taking a picture is everything – the photographer catches that moment in time,  It is an artistic moment.

The light, the shadows, the focus and the intent, will be forever on display… 161 more words

Recognize the pain soldier

This pain. This unasked-for, bewildering, deeply sad pain. This resilient, consuming, all-time favourite habit, all-time favourite addiction.

This identity.

This bully-soldier that’s rooted, hidden, whispering ever so quietly projections that bubble into thoughts, slowly and subtley turning you crazy; what’s wrong with you? 132 more words

Alan Watts


In his book “Messages to Mankind” Swami Chidananda writes: 146 more words

Photos By Prema

Talking about life. By Jan Lindberg.

Have you ever wondered if someone is sitting lonely, all by him- or herself, in your neighbourhood? And how you would feel about knowing it? 575 more words


Thought for today april 24th 2015

I hear and I forget.
I see and I remember.
I do and I understand.

Photography Credit

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How was your day?

Is anybody happier

 Because you passed his way?

Does anyone remember

 That you spoke to him today?

The day is almost over

 And its toiling time is through; 165 more words


#NaPoWriMo 23

I am the needle … said Soul and you my magnet … Let me thread you with the silk of my aching desires … I will dead pan plumb the gravity line of your afflictions … Roll the lacing thusly thrice, the Knot of Wisdom catching in blessed assurance the tatter edge of mend~less muscle … Between the stippled patterns inquire, where the cog line binds … Bathe me in myrrh, wine, and Balms of Gilead … that I shall be suchered into your heart … We becoming as One burning engorged vessel …polarized by the spiritual compass of the Holy Ghost and the fire of mechanistic mystics … 7 more words