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Mama Bear's Playlist: "One" by Metallica

I’m so behind on blog posts, so this will be a short one. I haven’t done one since last Wednesday or Thursday I think. Anyway, “One” is from the “And Justice for All” album, which is my favorite Metallica album.


OnePlus One: The Flagship Killer is Free! (Kinda)

Ever since it’s release last year, the OnePlus One has always interested me. Its high-end specs with a low price tag, its wonderful design, or even its OS itself; almost everything about this device seems great. 211 more words

Liebster and One Lovely Blog Awards

I can’t tell you how incredibly surprised and honoured I was to be nominated for the Liebster and One Lovely Blog Awards! It’s always nice when fellow bloggers stop by to comment or like a post, but this! 1,044 more words


This is For Me, Not You

This blog is for me, not for you.  To expect that anyone out there might glean some sort of entertainment or insight from these thoughts would be exceedingly egocentric of me, and I do try to avoid such indulgences.  178 more words


The Twin Red Dragons

There was an angry man who threw stones at the gods and cursed them for their injustice. The gods said to the man, You are your mind, therefore be your mind. 179 more words


Even David Beckham likes to publicly embarrass his kids

Instagram followers pale in comparison to the struggles of teenage angst.


Life Is... The Art Of Partnership?

Today’s post comes from a reader.

Well, this is my maiden blog and what a wonderful subject with which to launch!  As I understand it, the blogging question is “What is Life”.  456 more words