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I Did It

I did it. I met my post-every-day-for-a-week challenge.

And now I am tired and want to take a break.

But still, there are some stories that are just so good one cannot resist sharing them into the world. 161 more words

Truth Speaking

Are You My Audience?

I started writing because I met a girl*. At a wedding. We sat on a bus stop bench outside of the hotel and talked until the early morning hours. 938 more words

Be Here Now

I Am Tired. Spring Is Coming.

Even though
it is nearly midnight,
the air is warm enough
for the snow between the road and the barn
to feel damp and melty… 74 more words

One Week

Boiling Water Made My Week

Not gonna lie. Got a tiny, fun surprise this week.

Here’s my premise. A few weeks back I participated in the Bored and Brilliant project, hosted by WNYC’s… 396 more words

Continuous Practice

Oh No. Trouble?

My cell phone rings, and my first thought is…

Oh No. Am I in trouble? Did I do something wrong?

This is, of course, a semi-preposterous thing to think, especially since my most frequent caller is just the American Red Cross soliciting my blood.

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One Week

I Don't Care.

I felt so liberating to just type these three words into the title box for this post. I Don’t Care. (It’s so fun! Let’s do it again!) 1,629 more words

Continuous Practice

Time Ambulance, Sparkle Practice

Sometimes I am a terrible reader. Sometimes it’s auspicious.

Time Ambulance. Sparkle Practice.

These are my “creative” readings from this evening. AKA, things I did not read correctly.

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