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"Wherever is your heart I call home."

I woke up before the sunrise today. Started my waking hour with a prayer and after a sleepy commute, I now find myself sitting inside a quiet and still empty coffee shop, watching the dark vanish while reading.  139 more words


Don't Waste Your Wishes

“Lester was given a magic wish/ By the goblin who lives in the banyan tree, /And with his wish he wished for two more wishes—/So now instead of just one wish, he cleverly had three. 374 more words

Life Lessons

living with purpose

Editor’s Note : This article was written by the very beautiful Annemarie De Seriere – see link below.

Hi everyone,

Sometimes I receive emails from people expressing their envy (in a nice way) about us ‘living the dream’, as we have been on the road now for 3.5 years. 952 more words


Reach Your Goals

Every year we make resolutions. By February we have given up. We start our diets on Monday and abandon them by Wednesday. We make a mental to do list and then something better comes along. 263 more words


Review - One Step at a Time by Jane Jolly and Sally Heinrich

Inspired by a true story, One Step at a Time exposes the unfortunate reality of the global landmine crisis through the prism of a friendship between a young boy and an elephant. 375 more words


Oh the Things We Do....

Because of life and financials, I have to wait before I can go to the gym again. So with that being said, I had to sit and think of stuff I can do since that is out of the question: 446 more words


The Canadian ways and my new driver's licence

One of the challenges that come with immigration is having to start from absolute zero. While it is obvious that you will have to deal with things like a different language, different lifestyle, different mindsets, and different norms, there are many unexpected approaches that you need to learn how to live by. 604 more words