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DAY 57: For the Fourth Time

I have now spent quite a significant amount of time in Colina’s medical centre and I can say entirely confidently that, following a delightful afternoon there, I prefer the NHS. 42 more words

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DAY 60: Firemen or Fiestamen?

Throughout this year I have been fascinated by the Bomberos (firemen) of Chile*. They are all unpaid volunteers and are fiercely dedicated to their job and brotherhood (and sisterhood, there are Bomberas). 108 more words

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DAY 62: Charley Band

We know a family that consists of Charley the dad, Charley the son and Charley the cat. They work at Charley Carnicería and they are members of Charley Band. 47 more words

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DAY 63: Chi Chi Chi Leh Leh Leh VIVAAA CHILEEEH


Chile is currently hosting the Copa Americana, meaning that every male left of the Andes is sporting a red, white and blue football shirt and clutching a vuvuzela. 322 more words

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DAY 64: Carlos El Tigre

The best thing about my class (apart from the fact that we’ve watched Shrek everyday for three weeks) is the almost unlimited supply of small children for me to play dress up.

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