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Day 1219 - Pull Over

I had to pull over while driving tonight for a quick photo before the sun finished setting.

Taken by Simon Greene

Amateur Photography

Day 1218 - There's a World Going On Underground

Massive holes in the ground revealing cellars under the city. It’s kinda creepy seeing this right after going to see a horror film.

Taken by Simon Greene

Amateur Photography

Day 1216 - The True Winner

In the wee hours of Saturday morning, we found one of the trophies that one of the guys won, and they had left it behind after a beverage or two.. 13 more words

Amateur Photography

Day 1214 - Finishing Touches

Tomorrow is the day of the Smurfit Dance Masters! Last practice!

Taken by Valentin Bourriaud

Amateur Photography

Day 1213 - Dancing To The Max

The first three in a row dancing days, it’s going to be a busy one!

Taken by Ailish Boyle

Amateur Photography

5-15-15 through 5-18-15

Here are my photographs from this past Friday through Monday. Tuesday will be in the update at the end of this week (probably Saturday?).

Anyway, Friday was graduation and my wife and I had to go to Walmart. 248 more words