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Mutual Strangers: Jamie

This is the first installment of a project documenting my one night stands.Β It started as a sort of catharsis to my loneliness; I was traveling solo through Southeast Asia and had no one to talk to about these nights but myself. 422 more words


The Truth Behind One Night Stands

We have all done it. You’ve left a strangers house at the crack of dawn wearing the same clothes from the night before. If you were rocking the jeans and cute tank look then you’re lucky. 349 more words


Catching Flame

They couldn’t say what started the fire
But the two of them found themselves
In the middle of it

The dry kindling of their desperately dull lives… 107 more words

Original Poems

This Is My Issue With The Bachelorette Sex Scandal

This past weekend I was taking a subway ride from my apartment in the East Village to Brooklyn. More specifically to Park Slope: a magical land of socially conscious iced coffees and thousand dollar strollers. 881 more words

The Nice and Similar Travails of Asemota Jane

Too be very honest, this story is not completely based off a true one. The operative word here is completely. However, it is really a cliched, Evil… 2,436 more words

Short Story

The Hunger

She laid in bed that night, hungry. The insatiable urge she had filled her belly, warmed her pulsing vagina. Β How many times could she try to satisfy this need herself? 564 more words



I think it’s dope cause so far me and this guy get along . And he supports my photography heavily . And on top of that he’s a fine ahh Korean πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ 68 more words