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Slut Like You

It was at some point after The Irish and before a few of the others that it happened, my very first drunken one night stand. I got chatting to a young, flat-capped chap, late one Saturday night and by 7 pm the following evening we were drinking in that tiny bar once again. 1,673 more words


Weekend Action Report: Downgraded Dick

Friday night: the tight young thing I was talking about last week. New notch. I’ve gotten a new one every weekend for over a month now. 476 more words


Realizations and Bad Habbits

I made it back from the West Coast to Texas and thought I’d be free of Paul. I was pretty depressed of having to return home and being without a job. 811 more words

Old School Dating vs Dating Sites

Alright, I’ve talked about this before with friends, and have gotten a lot of people that agree with me, and a lot of people that disagree. 470 more words

#ThatGirl who hooks up with the wrong person

So in the midst of me really trying to be a one man gal, or even a focused on school only gal; it’s been extremely hard and entirely hopeless. 1,037 more words

Daily Stories

Unforced Error

Went back to her place late Friday because I left my tie bar there by accident on the first night. And once I got in the door I was drunk and felt like smashing right then, so I did, then when I left I realized I’d accidentally left my watch behind. 160 more words


12 Terrible Things That Inevitably Happen When You Stay Over Your Boyfriend's Place

Sleeping over your boyfriend’s place sounds awesome in theory. You don’t have to make your way home late at night alone and you get to cuddle all night long. 706 more words