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Op de hobbelige weg naar erkenning als werkende

Op de hobbelige weg naar erkenning als werkende

Het zou anders kunnen lijken, zeker als je sommige Nederlandse mensen met autisme mag geloven, maar werken als persoon met autisme ligt niet voor de hand.

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Schrijf naar Basti! - Write to Basti!

Onze kameraad Basti wordt sinds 30 oktober vastgehouden! Hij werd gearresteerd tijdens de ontruiming van een deel van de Hambach bosbezetting in Duitsland. Voordat hij werd gearresteerd werd hij door de RWE beveiliging geslagen. 224 more words


Message from the Red Help International Commission

At present, while the imperialist bourgeoisie is attacking on all fronts to enforce their deadly law of capitalism at any time in the life of each person, all resistance must be assessed positively, also armed resistance that leads to an irreducible denial of the system. 500 more words


[German prisons] Thomas Meyer-Falk’s contribution to the 2014 Anti-Prison Days in Vienna

Many of us are spontaneously and long ago aware of it: prisons are places of ethical, humane, moral and cultural decay. No desire for life, freedom, humaneness is conveyed there, but instead, the guards and any other staff treat the detainees as dead objects; they manage people as cargo in a storehouse. 228 more words


Mexican prisons: The four anarchist comrades end hunger strike

On October 17th, 2014, comrades Carlos López, Mario González, Fernando Bárcenas and Abraham Cortés called off their hunger strike that began on October 1st.

The comrades are well, without complications or physical damage. 35 more words


Athens: Anarchist prisoner Antonis Stamboulos goes on hunger and thirst strike (Greece)

Media Terror-Frenzy: Greek counter-terrorism police arrested Antonis Stamboulos on 1 October on charges of belonging to the Revolutionary Organisation – Revolutionary Struggle (Epanastatikos Agonas: EA). 1,110 more words


Update on the health situation of the 4 anarchist comrades on hunger strike (Mexico)

“If you asked me what prison is, I would answer without a doubt that it is a wasteland of defined social-economic plans, where they throw all those individuals that bother them within society: this is why prison mainly houses mainly poor people” 364 more words