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Pinch Me

The only downside of being in love is losing that poetic, gut-wrenchingly painful inspiration you get when you you are yearning for a love you wish you had or worse, once had. 225 more words

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Tunnel Traditions

When I was growing up long, drives into the mountains were a regular thing for my family. Snow or sun, we’d pack up the car and take the interstate into the clouds. 264 more words

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A Weekend Away

Amidst all of the chaos of Jimmy starting school again, me finishing up my internship and getting on the job hunt and Motley making progress with his knee surgery recovery, we were excited to be able to get away with my family for Labor Day. 438 more words

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The music sounds wrong when you’re no longer around.

Like a language I no longer speak.

With words incomplete.

These same old songs have an unfamiliar sound.

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A Better Me

I have decided that since I no longer have the “I’m in College” excuse to fall back on after any misstep in my judgement, I should probably start being a more productive member of society and I guess more adult-ish? 1,036 more words

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Coloradan and Proud

This weekend I took on the task of planning an intern camping trip but also made the executive decision to bring a long a few of my own friends, which inevitably saved the camping trip from a disastrous beginning middle and ending. 873 more words

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