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12 years A Journalist

Waktu masih kecil, entah pada kesempatan apa (rasanya sih sebuah acara kumpul keluarga) seseorang pernah bertanya pada saya: kamu kalau sudah besar mau jadi apa? 353 more words

On Life

Be a Human Comma

The lowly comma stirs up plenty of controversy in the editing world. Should we use the Oxford comma? Avoid it? Use it only when necessary? 860 more words


What I would say to the younger me

I read something quite profound today. It was on one of those really stupid e-card things, but for once, instead of inducing an uncontrollable scroll-the-mouse-wheel reflex, this one actually made me think. 913 more words

Being Joe


“If my world will never be the same, maybe one of these days, I’ll change.” ~ Changing, Chris August

It hit me one day – this one thought that niggled at me for weeks to come.

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How To Get Yourself Free: 50 Ways To Leave That Life You Hate

"I'd like to help you in your struggle to be free,
There must be fifty ways to leave your lover" that life you hate
- 374 more words
On Life

Child at ♥

“It’s funny because when you’re a child, you believe you can be anything you want to be, go wherever you want to go. There’s no limit to what you can dream. 214 more words

On Life

Return the favor

So it has been a while. I should have watched this movie earlier but I didnt. Its about this guy with bipolar and a widow. Its based on a book. 814 more words

On Love